Shooting at Family Research Council

You’d think another domestic terror shooting incident would be all over the media, but you’d be wrong. I think Fox has been the only main stream media outlet I’ve seen covering the shooting at Family Research Council. I read about this on Instapundit earlier. Thirdpower notes that all the gun violence ownership prevention groups are silent on this one. Of course they are. Doesn’t fit the narrative. Plus, all these gun violence prevention people have been doing nothing but ginning up mouth foamers, and encouraging hateful rhetoric against those who advocate for the right to keep and bear arms. Should we be surprised that some on the left are choosing to act in this climate of hate?

I am not FRC’s biggest fan either, and disagree with a great deal of what they advocate. But in this country, we don’t shoot people because we disagree with them. Decisive and quick action by the security guard, after he had been shot, probably prevented this from turning into a mass shooting. Looks like everyone is going to be OK, though.

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  1. Why should the gun control groups issue any statement? Weall know that Washington D.C. has enacted all the “common sense gun laws” that Brady, MAIG, and the VPC want.

    Carrying a gun, either openly and concealed, is ILLEGAL in Washington, D.C.! Oh, sure, those mean, nasty, evil NRA people had the Supreme Court allow people to carry guns inside their house… but they can’t get them past the Magic Force Fields and into the streets!

    Washington D.C. has “reasonable gun control,” any reports of gun violence happening there is wrongthink. Gun control makes me bellyfeel doubleplusgood and safe.

    1. Are you sure carrying your gun inside your home in D.C. is legal? As I recall, it wasn’t at least if it was loaded, you weren’t allowed to load until the threat was immediate or something like that.

      Now, that was their first cut at “reform” to pass muster with Heller and I know they’ve loosened up a bit since then, but….

      1. That’s part of what D.C. v. Heller struck down — the ban on carrying loaded guns in your own home. It is also a crime in D.C. to carry a knife in your home–and there is no exemption for kitchen knives.

  2. Of course this won’t show up in the dnclmsm. It’s just another lefty, shooting up somebody/place.(Question – have ANY of these incidents in the past four years NOT been done by lefties?) This can’t happen in the comm/soc/lib/prog world so it isn’t newsworthy.

  3. I actually heard about it on NPR. They said it could be investigated as possible domestic terrorism. I made my shocked face.

  4. According to several sources, the alleged shooter came in and specifically said he opposed the FRC’s stand on gay marriage before opening fire. And in his backpack were Chic-fil-a promotional literature along with two 15 round magazines.

    Since this appears to be a left wing “hate crime,” the lamestream media will bury this deeper than they did Jimmy Hoffa.

    1. Are you suggesting the media buried Jimmy Hoffa? No wonder we haven’t heard where his body is!

  5. I have not seen this story being buried. I heard it multiple times this afternoon on NPR, and not five minutes ago on NBC-TV Evening News. Aren’t <i?we crying victim, a little early?

    One perplexing thought I had about this incident: Watch for the people “on the right” who will now think of certain classes of people who shouldn’t have the right to keep and bear arms.

    Wait for it. . .Wait for it. . .

          1. Well, sort of like a random shooting by one lunatic can be turned into evidence of whatever you can make of it; gay bigotry, liberal media bias, etc., etc., etc. It’s the American Way.

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