4 thoughts on “Guns are Good for Business”

  1. I am actually surprised that the Law Enforcement discount isn’t illegal.

    The old give me a discount and I will look the other way thing.

    1. In that regard, NRA’s policy of allowing any uniformed law enforcement officer, military member, or scout into Annual Meeting for free would also be illegal.

      I’ve heard of law enforcement discounts before, and they are usually offered with military discounts, too. For cops, most stipulate that the officers have to be in uniform – i.e., they are on duty protecting the city at that point and don’t just get to eat a bunch of cheap meals all the time.

      I don’t mind the concept, as it goes back to a bit of knowing and promoting your local community members. I think it’s a good way that people could get to know the local officers a bit better, and that builds accountability.

  2. Look the other way for 10% off? Really?

    Or perhaps less likely to be robbed with law enforcement present, and now additionally the criminals may note that there may be higher than average numbers of law abiding gun toters present at this establishment as well.

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