2 thoughts on “Veteran Stands Up to Antis in Illinois”

  1. We’re all probably familiar with the saying “My oath of enlistment has no expiration” or some variation thereof. It’s something a good number of veterans believe strongly in, and it’s also something that nearly all of my non-veteran friends can’t really comprehend.

    To them, time in the military is akin to going away to some college, where you enjoy your time and are proud of where you went, but once your time is up, that’s it. In reality, veterans continue to be involved in the civic process at various levels because they have seen firsthand the sacrifices made to preserve them. There’s a reason why a handful of us have actually snuck into Iraq and Syria to fight with the Kurds against ISIS.

    The veteran in this video not only has a clear understanding of the 2A but also the obligations he has due to his oath.

  2. I hope that anti gun prejudices are soon relegated to the same shameful place in our history as “Separate but Equal” and other illogical prejudices of this nature.

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