Educating Our Opponents

It would appear that Pennsylvania gun owners may need to work a little harder to educate our opponents.

I don’t mean that we need to educate them on how firearms actually work or on the historical lessons of the Second Amendment – they’ll never listen to those messages.

What our opponents need is a return to elementary school spelling classes, perhaps with a mix of middle school civics to supplement their lessons.

This tweet, with the creative spelling of amendment, went out to at least 26 Senators. I get that typos happen (don’t even get me started on how many people I see who add an extra ‘m’ to the word), but in a call to action tweet sent from a professionally staffed organization to over one half of the members of a legislative body, that’s a pretty sad mistake.

I hope that people on our side of the issue will remember to double check your tweets and messages before you start writing to lawmakers.

7 thoughts on “Educating Our Opponents”

  1. And then there’s this …

    (don’t even get me started on how many people see who add an extra ‘m’ to the word)

    … but maybe my brain is just befuddled right now.

    1. No, the I seems to have been erased when I changed the formatting. Still, I didn’t send it to 26 Senators. :)

      Like I said, I’m pretty forgiving of a typo or two. I’m just floored their tweet was targeted 26 different times and they never noticed the glaring error in the major word of the tweet!

      1. And I see I left off a smiley or two, so I will make up for it here :-) :-) :-) :-)

  2. When the enemy is making a mistake, let him. These errors ought to cause the senators to look askance at them…unless they are as dumb, which is a frightening probability these days.

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