CeaseFirePA Writes Re-Election Ads for Pro-Gun Lawmakers

There is nothing about this headline that doesn’t scream “re-elect these people,” and we have our opponents to thank.

Anti-gun violence group targets legislators
CeaseFirePA campaigns against Barletta and Marino for backing border legislation.

The article immediately puts CeaseFirePA on the defensive, forcing them to answer the question over whether their targeting of Republican Reps. Lou Barletta & Tom Marino is really just about partisan politics. They cite an ad targeted at Rep. Mark Critz in the southwest corner of the state, but they fail to mention anything about Reps. Tim Holden or Jason Altmire in their interviews on the ad buy. I guess the former Democratic staffer running the organization doesn’t want to piss off the two Democrats most likely to keep their seats in redistricting.

Back to the title of this post, this is where you know CeaseFirePA made a great investment in making sure that pro-gun lawmakers stay in office in those districts that are extremely friendly to our rights:

For their part, Barletta and Marino say they have no qualms about having voted for the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act, which gives gun owners who have a concealed carry license from one state the right to arm themselves in any other state that also has a concealed carry law.

The spokespeople for the representatives talk about how this would simply be like the same recognition as a driver’s license and how Pennsylvania already has reciprocity with 26 states. It’s simply no big deal.

I just have to laugh at the ad targeting one more time. Even the Democrats who held these seats in safer years went out of their way to be seen as pro-gun, and you’d frequently see “Sportsmen for…” signs out for candidates of both parties. So, thanks CeaseFirePA! The myopic NJ-centric attitude of the organization’s leader is helpful with silly moves like this.

One thought on “CeaseFirePA Writes Re-Election Ads for Pro-Gun Lawmakers”

  1. This is where I think you are wrong, Bitter. You are taking the “gun violence prevention” groups at their word. You are taking their word that their intent is to win political battles. You are taking their word that they hope to have some substantive effect at all. You think that the current batch of anti-gunners is modeling themselves after MADD or AARP. I think that their model is PETA and CSPI.

    I think that the antis have read the writing on the wall and decided to do what is necessary to protect their phony baloney jobs. They have transitioned into donation collection agencies. What else could explain the utter idiocy that comes out of Brady interns on Facebook and out of CSGV in general?

    Look at the PETA model. Scream, rant, rave, and generally act like a loon to prove that you are really concerned with animal rights, then collect the donations from fools stupid enough to believe that you are effective at anything other than screaming, ranting, raving, and acting like a loon.

    The fat Joyce Foundation money is drying up. I think the two of you have pointed out that Joyce is giving less and less. So they either have to cut costs, like their huge salaries, or they have to drum up some donations. You don’t get donations by being nice, moderate people. You get them by positioning yourself as the true authentic voice of your cause.

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