The Horror!

From the Wonkblog:

But a child’s parent could. “If dad wants to give his son a rifle or a shotgun on his 13th or 14th birthday, he’s pretty much free to do that in most states,” Webster said.

This is clearly a horrible situation about which “something must be done.” In other news, how does New York have more liberal laws than us in this regard? And not just New York, but Delaware and Maryland as well. Hell, Massachusetts, Connecticut and California(!) have us beat. Yes, indeed. Something must be done about this!

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  1. More Horror:

    Webster said. “There’s a mindset that’s fairly prevalent in the U.S. that there’s nothing wrong with kids firing guns.”

    And interesting that they don’t say what percentage of gun deaths are due to accident but they claim it’s significant, and the link they put is actually broken.

    If I recall by this Forbes article it’s what 2% or about?

    And then they go into conspiracy theories about the statistics being cooked, not just on deaths but on cause of deaths and in injuries.

  2. The writer is against children learning about guns. He is against guns himself . My son had his first rifle at 9 given by a family friend.

  3. Ignorance on display. From the article:

    “While federal law would prohibit minors from owning the pistol version of the gun, there are no such federal restrictions on the rifle version.”

    He appears blithely unaware of the Title 2 provisions of the National Firearms Act, or else unaware of the difference between an automatic Uzi and non-automatic civilian lookalikes.

    Unless the BATFE is now allowing minors to own Title 2 buzzguns (and unless the minor has ten grand in pocket change to drop on one), in which case I’ll gladly stand corrected.

    1. Yeah, that caught that blunder too. Don’t you love being lectured to by such fools?

  4. While I consider this desire for ignorance somewhat … ignorant, it still doesn’t rise to the level of ignorance in the event that precipitated this discussion.

    If the right to bear arms comes with no restrictions, then it automatically includes the right to be a complete asshole with a gun. I don’t think that’s ideal.

  5. House Resolution Eleventy, A Bill “For The Children”, should be dropping into state legislatures from the Bloomberg drones in 3…2…

  6. There’s a mindset that’s fairly prevalent in the U.S. that there’s nothing wrong with kids firing guns.

    The cultural gap in this country is shocking at times.

  7. Oh, my.

    You mean that someone could give a 13 or 14 year old child a rifle or shotgun? The horror!

    I bought my own, with my own money, when I was 12 years old. My old Daddy carried me into the local Gambles-Skogmo Department Store and I picked out a Mossberg 20ga bolt action shotgun, with which I went bird hunting for the next five years or so. I bagged a lot of upland game birds and ducks with that thing.

    I wanted the 12ga, but my Daddy thought it was too stout for me at that age. I don’t fault my father for much, because he did good for me, and still does on occasion, even 50 years later, but he probably messed me over on that one. I should have gotten the 12.

    Then again, back then? My old Daddy is the one who put me to work when he found me a job at 11 years old, which is why I could afford my own Mossy when I was 12. He gave me a lot, and the work ethic is not the least of it.

    Why should any 13 or 14 year old child who wants one not have a firearm, assuming that they are properly taught how to use it?

    I don’t care what some nitwit in Colorado or somewhere else did. For over a hundred years, all us “children” who wanted to learned how to use firearms, and a lot of us owned them ourselves. Nobody got shot until we started electing leftoids regularly.

    Just saying……

  8. Didn’t John Moses Browning make his own muzzle-loader gun when he was about eight? Where are the young geniuses of today? They’re tethered to an iPhone/device by helicopter parents who ensure they see and experience nothing outside the narrative.

  9. When did PA set age limits? I got my first gun around 7-8 yo. That was about a decade before the Feds instituted their version of the Nazi gun laws.

  10. It is an interesting expansion in the replacement of parents by The State, but that started a long time ago. It may have the makings for a “slippery slope” essay, but of course most people would interpret most things as having moved in the right direction.

    For example, when I was a kid, if a parent took a kid into a bar and ordered a beer for him, and set it in front of him to drink, that was legal. I know, because I was the kid, almost exactly 60 years ago. The bartender couldn’t sell to the kid, but if the parent thought it was OK for the kid to have a beer, then it was. I’m not aware that parents getting their kids publicly drunk was ever much of a problem. Today the parent is breaking the law if he/she allows the kid to have a glass of wine at the home dinner table.

  11. “Today the parent is breaking the law if he/she allows the kid to have a glass of wine at the home dinner table.”

    Unless, of course, it is a part of a religious observance.

    Seems to me that we should add a tenet to the doctrine of the Church of John Moses Browning mandating firearms instruction before the age of ten.

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