Monday Morning News Round Up 8-25-2014


Welcome back from the weekend everybody. Browsers ground to a halt, so it’s time to start unloading some news:

Gun Vote 2014:

It’s looking more and more like Hickenlooper might be vulnerable in Colorado. We need his head on the proverbial pike this election. This is where to make our stand. Those of us in Pennsylvania need to help Corbett too. Whether you’re pissed off at him on other issues (I sure am), his quick repudiation of gun control in the wake of Sandy Hook helped us tremendously.

In Washington State, it’s the rich elites against the rest of us.

Cuomo isn’t looking to hot either. NOW has endorsed his opponent in the primary. Well, he’s certainly very good at New Yorkers good jobs. Just remember, when it comes to priorities, Cuomo chose gun control over jobs.

Meanwhile, the anti-gunners are throwing every last dollar Bloomberg managed to find in his sofa at this race. It’s funny how the left celebrates rich plutocrats dumping tons of cash against a grassroots organization, as long as they agree with the rich plutocrat.


Jim Sensenbrenner introduces a bill to disband ATF. Bob Owners is correct that it’s something neither side wants, and for the reasons he cites. Gun laws won’t go away, and enforcement will likely shift to the FBI, who will be very competent and railroading gun owners, and also seeking more congressional funding to do so.

A plurality of folks in New Jersey agree with Christie’s veto of their new magazine and gun ban. That’s progress!

The Well-Regulated Militia:

Whether they realize it or not, these folks are doing something that has a long tradition in America, among both blacks and whites, though I agree with Glenn Reynolds take on the reaction of polite society.

From Jim Geraghty, are ISIS ‘External Operations” already underway? Americans shoot back. Carry your guns, folks.

Chicago crimes drops as concealed carry applications surge. Who could have seen that coming?

Militarization of Police:

I sort of indirectly linked to this piece by a former LAPD officer the other day. Popehat has an excellent takedown of this author, and the attitude he represents.

Robb Allen has an excellent commentary of “This whole l’affaire du Ferguson

A few bloggers, including Dave Kopel, Ilya Somin, and Ace of Spades, are taking on the notion being floated by the left that conservatives and libertarians aren’t saying anything about the militarization of police.

Charles E. Cobb Jr., on ‘the challenge of Ferguson’

Forbes: Gun technology that could prevent another Ferguson. I don’t think smart guns are the answer, but it’s a fair treatment of the subject. I’m also not big on gun cameras. I want to see the context that lead up to the drawing of the gun. I’d be worried cops will draw their weapons too soon just to be sure there’s a recording.

Reason: How a suburban SWAT team sees itself.

This is big government.

Guns in the News:

Charges dropped against man who followed the Vice President’s advice and fired a shotgun into the air.

Rick Perry can’t carry anymore. He’s been indicted. Maybe this would be a good time to have a conversation about whether indictment is sufficient due process, but I suspect there are too many people sympathetic to the idea of indicting and disarming Rick Perry to use this topic to open people’s minds.

Layers and layers of editorial oversight.

The TSA has confiscated more than 1000 guns at US Airports. I’m a LOT more careful after I had my little incident in Phoenix. I was lucky, because a) it was just ammo in a magazine and not a gun and b) the Phoenix TSA and Police are pretty mellow about this kind of thing.

Activists in the News:

Frank Carroll thinks Ted Nugent has to go. I agree, but the only way it’s going to happen is for NRA members to stop voting for him.

Kroger, it seems, won’t be bullied by Shannon Watts. Some of the demanding moms seem to be moving up towards wonton destruction of property in response to Kroger’s rebuffing. If you live in Kroger Country, might be worthwhile to send some kudos their way. I don’t live in Kroger country, and am thus not a potential customer.

Reminder: the people on the other side of this issue think you and I belong in prison. To these extremists, our behavior is deviant, and on par with pedophilia.

Brady Campaign lost its suit against Armlist (this is a bit old. I must not have cleared this before).

Howard Nemerov hangs it up. This is why I blog using a pen name. You never know when you might be working with a true believer, and if they would be willing to throw you in prison, they’d be willing to ruin your professional life too.

The Connecticut Bar Association is headed for a showdown over its support for gun control.

WSJ: Where is Open Carry legal? Features a picture of fellow blogger Rick Ector of Legally Armed in Detroit.

Just Guns:

Tam: “Back in the late 19th-early 20th Centuries, rifle technology was changing by leaps and bounds, and it must’ve been hard to keep up, so there were lots of ways armies would wring one more decade out of obsolescent gear…

Off Topic:

Jim Geraghty takes a look at Democratic fundraising, and concludes that the GOP certainly isn’t behaving like they really want to take back the Senate. The problem is that the GOP is no longer the party of money. The sad thing is they haven’t realized it yet.

Are Republicans smart enough to become the party of Millennials? I’d say no.

Over fourteen thousand voters in Virginia also registered in Maryland? That’s not to say they are all casting ballots in both places, but certainly a cause for concern.


13 thoughts on “Monday Morning News Round Up 8-25-2014”

  1. Whether they realize it or not, these folks are doing something that has a long tradition in America, among both blacks and whites, though I agree with Glenn Reynolds take on the reaction of polite society.

    What no condemnation for this Open Carry group? No comments about how all they are looking for is attention?

    1. Actually, the point of a demonstration of this sort is “looking for attention.” From the public, from the government, from whomever. For some reason, that has become an insult.

    2. If they start doing it in Starbucks and Target, with aim for “Hey, looooookkkkkkatttmmeeee” then I’ll change my tone. My issue with OCT was never the demonstrations in public, it was the attention whoring in private businesses.

      1. And the fact that the Huey P. Newton Gun Club went at least one business?

        At one point, the group stopped at Elaine’s Kitchen, and one of the organizers told those who were armed to display their weapons in a “safe, disciplined manner.”

        Come on a little consistency would be nice.

        This group did the exact same thing as OCT.

        1. Um, the difference is, “safe, disciplined manner”.

          Standing around, deliberately posing for photos at the Low Ready with a magazine inserted is not the same. Standing around, deliberately posing for photos, while holding a revolver out in the open (even if, as a cap & ball revolver, it isn;t legally a “firearm” for possession or Open Carry purposes — it *is* just as dangerous as a cartdige revolver, just slower to reload), as the head of OCT did on the courthouse lawn, is not the same.

          Come on a little consistency honesty would be nice.

        2. I’m not really offering up a ringing endorsement of the New Black Panthers here, but I’m not opposed to armed demonstrations in all circumstances.

          Also, in doing it to “defend the black community,” they aren’t claiming to speak for me. If they were doing to “raise awareness” or “educate the public,” that would be something different. If they were doing it for the purpose of attention whoring, that would also be different (though I’d concede there’s attention seeking in any demonstration, even unarmed ones).

          I didn’t realize they had gone into a business. But I’ve never heard of Elaine’s Kitchen? Is it a chain? Are they friendly to the cause of the New Black Panthers? If a local business had invited OCT in, that would have not been a problem.

  2. Seeing Hickenlooper go would be delightful, though I think you posted an old link. Regardless, I did read something from a week or so ago that shows him in a dead heat with Beauprez.

    I’ll say it again: Corbett is going to blow an opportunity to pick up whatever votes I’m sure he’ll take at this point if he fails to highlight Wolf’s plentiful anti-gun responses to the CeasefirePA survey.

    I just don’t see Astorino beating Cuomo, call it the cynical streak of this New Yorker. Most of Cuomo’s defections are coming from his most extreme left-wing supporters, not moderates flocking to Astorino. I can see it being a typical NY election: Astorino will carry massive swaths of upstate NY but Cuomo will win the typical liberal bastions.

  3. This is why I blog using a pen name. You never know when you might be working with a true believer, and if they would be willing to throw you in prison, they’d be willing to ruin your professional life too.

    Yep, I had a crazy Cali guy email my work trying to get me fired because I supported guns and worked for a school. Luckily my bosses were supportive as long as I stopped engaging this guy.

  4. I wonder how many of the dual registered VA-MD voters(this is in Fairfax – moving from MD to VA or vice versa is just a “local” move) are registered in both states, because the Registrar never culled them from the lists where they moved from.

    Next check is verifying if any of them voted in both states in a particular election cycle.

    1. I’m still a registered voter in Fairfax County, despite leaving VA a year and a half ago. Not only did I complete the form when leaving VA, but after receiving phone calls at my HOME in Pittsburgh and mailers at my HOME (not even being forwarded) for various VA elections, I called the Fairfax County Registrar to tell them to purge me off the rolls. I was told I had to fax them a signed letter stating I moved. I did that last fall and I am still coming up as being a registered voter. I was told it may take an election cycle or two but I should eventually be purged from the system. It’s a joke.

  5. Really I’m I the only one to notice that the hickenlooper story is a year old and tancredo isn’t on the ballot?

    1. What’s more embarrassing is that I didn’t notice it, and I know Tancredo isn’t on the ballot. Now I’m trying to remember where I got that from.

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