Advertising Strategy Fail

By now you’ve probably all seen the giant ball of fail that is the latest Everytown ad:

At first I thought it was a Glock ad. Probably because it goes pretty much the same way as the well known Glock ad, only without the humorous twist at the end. Well, it turns out that even the women over at the highly lefty show “The View” thought the ad was a good argument for having a gun.

18 thoughts on “Advertising Strategy Fail”

  1. Shannon Watts is going apeshit on The View on Twitter. #ViewTheFacts God everything needs some stupid hashtag with these morons.

    How about #MenDontNeedGunsToAbuseOrKillWomenButGunsAre TheGreatEqualizerForPeopleWhoArePhysicallyWeaker Ehh, that’s not so catchy, is it? I guess that’s why I’m not a Twitter slacktivist.

    1. How about #MenDontNeedGunsToAbuseOrKillWomenButGunsAre TheGreatEqualizerForPeopleWhoArePhysicallyWeaker Ehh, that’s not so catchy, is it? I guess that’s why I’m not a Twitter slacktivist.

      It also takes up 2/3rds of your character limit…;)

  2. This dude isn’t one of us….he has to be one of THEM and getting paid to make us look goofy.

  3. Pardon me for being a bit slow on the uptake… but I just realized how awful the title is: “Will you stop this?”

    I mean I know Everytown means “Ban guns and this won’t happen!”

    But one can more easily think of the question of: “Someone with greater size and strength is breaking into your house; how ‘will you stop this?’ “

  4. One thing, all three who [now] have guns at home did NOT have one when they and their children were directly threatened. That is one heck of a learning curve.

    1. at least they learned. Plus they tried to teach the other she also needed to get a gun ,because they used to think as she did.

  5. Money well spent. Good job Bloomberg!

    I’m seriously shocked at the reaction of the people on The View. Maybe we really have won the culture war over guns.

    1. Watts’ reaction (scream that women shouldn’t own guns) is… interesting

      I mean Everytown is trying to paint itself as just wanting “background checks”, “safe storage laws”, and not be about gun bans.

      But here they are going after women who might be willing to entertain a private sale ban or a safe storage law just because said women want a pistol for home defense.

      Though if I had my guess, I’d say Watt’s reaction is less about ideological purity and more lashing out at people not “getting” the advert.

  6. What I get out of it is:
    1. She should have had a gun.
    2. Cops cannot get there in time, reinforcing #1. and….
    3. They would be so much happier if he had just beaten her to death than shot her, because prolonged suffering before dying is so much more morally satisfying.

  7. Pass this along as a Public Service Announcement.

    In almost every State, a Legal Citizen or Legal Resident Alien is Allowed to have a Firearm in the Home for Self-Defense. If your Home State are jerks about Handgun Ownership, get a Shotgun and learn how to use it Safely and Legally.

    In Ohio, if one has a Restraining Order, that person can leave the Court house with that Document, go straight to their County Sheriff’s Office and be Issued a Concealed Handgun Permit ON THE SPOT.

    If YOUR State doesn’t allow that to happen, talk to the State Reps and say that “Even though the Supreme Court just ruled 9-0 that a Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Conviction means No Guns for the Convicted, Women are getting killed EVERY DAY by their Violent Spouses and Exs. Why does this State turn a Blind Eye to Women’s Safety?”

    And try to get them to Issue Instant CHPs for those Women.

    THAT’S how We Win against Domestic Violence Supporters like Watts.

  8. I saw the video. He unslung his rifle and set it down. He did not muzzle anyone.

  9. Ah, now I get it. Why the domestic violence shtick.

    That video is intended to aid the progress of some new bill in Congress which supposedly expands the Launtenberg law. I don’t know how that bill expands it, because so far all the reporting and all the advocates describe the bill as doing nothing more than what the Lautenberg law already does. So god knows what anti-gun surprises are really there, buried deep in the bill. Watch out!

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