Pennsylvania Gets a Gun

Or, rather, we’ll get our official state firearm soon according to pro-gun attorney Josh Prince who reports that the Governor is expected to sign the bill designating the Pennsylvania Long Rifle as the state gun. We previously covered the bill here, including the fact that it’s pissing off the anti-gunners.

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Gets a Gun”

  1. Isn’t PA having trouble with their AG clamping down on reciprocity? Someone has their priorities out of whack where you can get a “state gun” bill passed, but you can’t get a repeal of some gun control law.

  2. trying to do what? Obviously this will make some people feel good but … come on. It beats a gun control bill but doesn’t do much else.

    1. Gun owners have been pushing for stronger preemption laws with teeth, and they weren’t wasting political energy on this issue.

  3. Good deal. Glad to see that us Pennsylvanians are trying to take back the long rifle. Though I am a little surprised it’s not the Model 700 or Marlin 336.

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