Bear With Me

Hackintosh Workstation

We’re having some issues with the firewall this morning. It shouldn’t affect the blog. It’s more a problem with my link to work, but the blog might go out for a minute or so at a time while I reboot and reload things. Blogging will continue once I have this sorted out.

2 thoughts on “Bear With Me”

  1. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

    Gun owners MUST operate under the premise that we are, for the moment at least, a persecuted minority. We don’t stick our heads up without a helmet.

    People like Cox, who purport to speak for gun owners, need to ask themselves, “What is the worst possible interpretation that our enemies will put on this?” If the answer is unsatisfactory, its best to say nothing.

    Cox ignored the lesson of the Dick Metcalf event six months ago: anything that gives the enemy a talking point is a disservice to the movement and will not be tolerated my a significant share of the members.

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