It Gets Worse

Bob Owens points out that one of the two individuals pictured at the Chipotle would seemingly have a drug problem, first noted by this anti-tea party site who went digging. The alleged Facebook post saying:

I want to Smoke Some Kushh so Badd. But fuckk thatt. My Babys need me And Not sitting behind barzz …. Maintaining….

Youngg enoughh to still Sell Dopee, But Old Enoughh … i Knows betterr.

Maybe he’s a recovering addict, and the latter are rap lyrics. As long as you’re not currently addicted, the law has nothing to say about it, but it’s illegal to be both a stoner and gun owner. Generally speaking, it takes seriously poor judgement to admit to a felony publicly. I hope for his sake he’s a recovering addict, because I would imagine this could be enough evidence to get a judge to support a search warrant. It would certainly warrant an officer checking on his background to ensure he’s not a prohibited person.

One problem I have with the tactics that OCT uses is that it had a very high likelihood of bringing out attention whores and other people with less than great social skills. You can’t control what people do, but you can control your tactics. Everyone supports making handgun OC in Texas legal, but there are probably dozens of better ways to go about achieving this. I’m not optimistic OCT will reconsider, but if they were open to ideas, I’d sure like them to see them adopt Chris from AK’s recommendations.

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  1. Lol. Oh come on, this is great. Spread the pix. It says, “OCT members are wannabe gangstas who live in their mommas basement.” these tools won’t listen to reason.

  2. These are the people who have appointed themselves as our representatives and rights warriors. God help us.

  3. In the spirit of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, I appreciate these AATTP folks tracking down these idiots. Good job, and keep up the good work. Hopefully they’ll keep policing our idiots for us.

  4. The SKS covered in Tapco junk suddenly makes sense. He must have been high as a kite when he slapped all that dumb shit on there.

    OCT scrubbed a bunch of comments from their wall. I’m not too optimistic about them adjusting their tactics.

  5. I am Open Carry friendly. I’ve OC’d before myself (decent sidearms in decent holsters). I appreciate that long gun OC remains legal so that I can transport long guns without fear of a felony, have a rifle in my trunk, sling up an AR-15 if I’m standing watch over my generator in case of zombies following a Hurricane-Nuclear Meltdown-Zombie Apocalypse, etc.

    I’ve even tentatively supported some of these guys in the past. I still support places like OCDO, which have actually done good yeoman’s work at the state and local level in many places to reinforce both 2A and 4A rights, and turn the theoretical right to carry a sidearm openly into an actual one you can use without being proned out, beat up, or even killed by the cops.

    That said… How the heck do we get the long gun open carry people to simmer down now? Or at least, how do we disavow them? Bloomberg’s flunkies have used a solid juijitsu move to turn the strength of our movement against us. They’ve adapted to the tactic. Time to find something new, and if OCT won’t exercise leadership and change the train’s course we need to find some way to make it clear that they don’t represent all of us.

    Do we need to contact corporate in advance about these events and say, “Hey, these guys are NOT associated with NRA or other major 2A orgs, they don’t represent us, and we suggest you recommend your manager trespass them immediately?”

    1. “Do we need to contact corporate in advance about these events and say, “Hey, these guys are NOT associated with NRA or other major 2A orgs, they don’t represent us, and we suggest you recommend your manager trespass them immediately”

      I hate to say this, but I would agree that this is a good course of action.

  6. Remember that video with all the celebrities demanding a plan? We need our own version.

    Alan Gura: “Starbucks”
    Hickok45: “Jack in the Box”
    Gaston Glock: “Chipotle”
    Ted Nugent: “How many more?”
    Colion Noir: “How many more?”
    Jerry Miculek: “How many more?”

    1. :) The thing is, truly believe if they were getting attention from celebrities on our side, it would only encourage them to keep doing it to keep that kind of thing rolling in. If you’re an attention whore willing to carry an AR-15 at the low ready in a burrito joint, you’re not going to care too much whether the attention to you get is positive or negative.

  7. I read a new story recently that OCT has disavowed the OC Tarrant County (these idjits were members of that group, as well as the idjits from the BK). The reasons given were that these guys did these stunts with no coordination with the state org., and were negligent in informing local police of their plans. Got to agree with you, though. There ARE much better ways to get OC in TX. I simply write my state rep and Senator, often.

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