NRA Convention, Day 1

Technically, Day 1 of the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting & Exhibits in tomorrow, but we managed to get started a little early since we arrived early.

Before we even managed to make it to our first stop, we ran into Tom King of the NYSRPA. They have a booth here and are apparently planning a raffle for some gun. I’ll check it out when they are fully set up tomorrow. Then, we ran into Dave Adams from the VSSA who can always be counted on for fantastic insight into the Virginia legislative happenings. We actually discussed an issue that came up before their General Assembly dealing with releasing license records because it turns out the genealogy community was actually involved. Random, informative discussions all around, especially since we’re likely in the same boat as Virginia for a while – purely defensive with very little chance of pro-Second Amendment measures moving in Pennsylvania.

ScottonNRANewsAfter that, we connected with Scott Bach of the ANJRPC while he was doing an interview on NRA News with Cam Edwards about the magazine ban in New Jersey. Seriously, we need to find some folks we know here who are from states where we can cheer some good news.

We actually did meet folks from Utah at who could boost some spirits with the CLEO shall sign bill becoming law. We also talked about why some pro-gun issues just don’t get much support in a solidly pro-gun state where people don’t really feel like their rights are under serious threat.

Then, our evening took an interesting twist when we tried to go out to eat dinner. I had checked out Yelp reviews before we left for times when were looking for something in walking distance and found Claddagh Irish Pub. However, we discovered upon arriving that they thought a brilliant business decision during a gun rights convention would be to post against guns at the door. They are certainly free to do that, and we were free to turn around and walk up the street to The Weber Grill which had no such sign where we discovered AMAZING bbq. Seriously, it’s a little spendy for bbq, but worth every penny in every bite. I’m a little embarrassed at how quickly I inhaled my plate. Another thing I was free to do was to let people on Twitter following the #NRAAM tag know about the posting at the first joint. It just happened to get retweeted to a few thousand people talking about the convention…

After that, catching a drink ended up turning into a chance to talk to Prof. Robert Cottrol and Dave Hardy. I think that Sebastian may end up with some interesting post topics stemming from these discussions.

Tomorrow is the NRA Foundation Law Seminar, and I hear it’s going to be absolutely packed with pro-gun attorneys and other supporters. I have no doubt that will be interesting. Overall, Day 1 of our NRA convention experience was pretty good. It was mostly just catching up with people, and we clearly need to work harder to create more reasons to celebrate when we get together rather than mostly having to talk about why things are a struggle in many states. I think that’s a goal we can all drink to, something I’m sure I’ll do plenty of tomorrow!

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  1. FWIW, I support your decision but as you may already know, the no guns signs in Indiana (like PA) do not carry the weight of law so you can still carry. Of course, they can still ask you to leave and if you don’t call the cops for trespass. But concealed means concealed and I have carried into a Claddagh in the west suburbs if Indy before. I don’t really look for the signs since I don’t have to here so I can’t say if that one had it, but if I do see them I don’t patronize them. I’ll have to check out the one on my side of town sometime and if there is give them a no guns, no money card and move on. Welcome to our fine State!

  2. Be sure to check out Shapiro’s Deli. It’s kind of a long walk from the convention center, but considering the portion sizes, absolutely necessary.

  3. Here’s another vote for Shapiro’s — it’s really good food.

    As for Claddagh, sure, “concealed is concealed” here in Hoosierland, but if they don’t want our nasty-dirty gun-owner money, we should oblige and maybe tell them why.

  4. I couldn’t help myself and I sent Claddagh Irish Pub a message through their contact portal on their website saying “I hope you enjoy seeing all the tourism business in town going elsewhere because you advertised your anti-gun politics.”

    To my surprise I was quickly contacted by a manager, a nice woman who explained she was asked by the police, along with all other bars in town, to post whatever was displayed. She explained that they were actually quite excited to have the NRA in town and she was a proud Texan herself (I guess implying she is pro-gun).

    I don’t know why they didn’t refuse the police request but if that is the truth of the matter then hopefully the displeasure can be directed at the right group, the police that mandated the display of the anti-gun signs.

    1. I find that more than hard to believe since no other bar or restaurant we passed was posted with that sign, including a wine bar and a specialty cocktail lounge. That joint was definitely the exception. There is even a brewpub advertising to NRA attendees on Twitter that isn’t posting.

      The tweet I sent has been retweeted by people who have more than 50,300 followers. They can want to post, then they can lose that cash. Not even California Pizza Kitchen, which has a corporate policy against it didn’t have that sign up when we walked by.

      1. It’s possible that IMPD really did tell them that (I wouldn’t put it past them) and Claddagh was the only one stupid enough to do it.

    2. …she was asked by the police, along with all other bars in town, to post whatever was displayed.

      Not buyin’ that. Not even for a second.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun, and a great chance to network. Thanks for keeping those of us who can’t make it to conventions in touch with what’s going on.

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