Registration of “Rurales” in Mexico

West Side Late Shift takes a look at a new demand from the Mexican central government to register “rurales,” which I think is Spanish for “cousin humping redneck.” According to West Wide Late Shift, these groups “have banded together to resist the abuses of a cartel in their state.” Given the level of corruption in the Mexican government, there’s no way in hell I’d comply with something like this, considering the likelihood the right bribe to the right official could probably get the list, and all the people on it. If their government could help them, they’d have helped them. The whole need to form into citizen militias in the first place is because the government has failed them. They are failing them again if they insist on disarming them. I get the concern in weeding out criminals from the militias, but the solution is not to make everyone equally helpless.

4 thoughts on “Registration of “Rurales” in Mexico”

  1. If registration were the end-all and do-all fix they claim, the people of Mexico would not have had any trouble with cartel violence in the first place, because the cartel members – and their illegal weapons – would all be registered, as is required by current Mexican law (IIRC).

    It’s amazing how, when directly faced with the utter and complete failure of the policy they want, they’ll still push for it. It’s failed everywhere else it’s been tried, but it’ll work this time, right?

  2. Mexicans have their right to bear arms protected in their constitution.

    Despite attempts to ignore the constitution for decades, presumed “Gun Free” Mexicans now clearly never were.

    Si, Senior. We’ll give you our guns (the ones that don’t work).

    We’ll keep the rest to keep drug cartels your corruption enables at bay.

    If Mexican militias are still armed and effective today, I pity the fools who assume Americans are not.

  3. And this proposed registration – shortly to be followed by the cartels obtaining the list and confiscating the registrants for disposal in a local landfill – is exactly why vigilantes need to use the Batman mode of operation – wear a mask and maintain anonymity.

    Bandanas over the face are the vigilantes’ best friends.

  4. I believe in this context the rurales are the spontaneous militias more commonly called autodefensas or “self-defenses” by their own members. They sprang up in States and areas where local, state and federal police are in cahoots with the cartels.

    In small defense of the corrupt cops, the deal the cartels offer is “plata o plomo” which means, “silver or lead” — as in, “take the former or eat the latter. Starting with your wife and kids.”

    The forces of corruption in Mexico are strong and are behind many attempts to undermine or overthrow the autodefensas. Other attempts are simple agency power-seeking. But all the agencies in Mexico are rotten, except for some units in the Army and Navy, and I’m not real sure about them.

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