NRA Finally Getting Social Media?

I was interested to see NRA actually jumping in to an online comment thread and defending their record on certain issues when it was attacked. As short as a few years ago, NRA didn’t really have a very effective new media game, and one thing I always thought is that they needed to be more engaged with defending their record. There are always going to be haters, and haters gonna hate, but I think most people can be reasoned with. I am very pleased to see them jumping in here. The era of mass media isn’t over, but it’s getting there, and the more it gets there the more you depend on reaching individual people. That’s how you stay relevant.

6 thoughts on “NRA Finally Getting Social Media?”

  1. Yep, I think other than the hard core anti gunners, most people are just mis-informed about current and proposed law. Once they are properly informed, they start to see how they are bad ideas.

    1. Even just informing them what terms mean and the legal status quo can have big dividends.

      If you tell someone that no, machine guns aren’t readilly avaliable at any gun shop, and that what the antis mean by assault weapon is purely defined by cosmetic features you’ve made some real progress.

      (It also says something that the antis do best when the persont they’re trying to convince is totally ignorant.)

      Because there are people who simply are that ignorant. And it’s not a fault of their own, if they’ve never went shooting and don’t know any shooters, their only knowledge would come from popular culture.

  2. They always had game, they just didn’t always feel like they had to play. Read into that what you will, but NRA/ILA is a better team than some leftists doing a Twitter-Twerk(tm) deserve. No reason to get dragged down to leftist-activist level. That’s what they have us couch-commando gunnies, for. ;)

    FWIW, I hereby coin “Twitter-Twerk” and “Twitter-Twerking”…unless someone did it first (I don’t get out much, anymore).

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