122 Attempts to Stop a Preemption Fix

Harrisburg PA Capitol Dome

When an NRA-backed bill to allow citizens to more easily challenge their towns that are passing gun control laws in violation of state law passed a committee vote with a solid, bipartisan vote, we knew that anti-gun advocates would pull out all the stops to try and keep this bill from becoming law.

They do not want their residents to have standing to hold these cities accountable for their violations of state law.

However, even I was a little stunned by the number of amendments already filed to try and stop the bill – 122. I didn’t realize that public accountability of local government was so vehemently opposed by some members of the legislature.

9 thoughts on “122 Attempts to Stop a Preemption Fix”

  1. I already called my reps, and asked to send the Bill through with no Amends. pipe dream I know……

    Do you have any info on the HB 1243, change to NICS, reporting of Mental health records?

    I support the Mental health reports, is it better to go to NICS? Is it best to trust the State or Feds?
    Will NICS eliminate the “record of sales” non-registry (cough), that goes to state PD.
    One other thing…When you buy a rifle or shotgun and the dealer calls it in,to PICS they state you are buying a “long gun” , will NICS require type, serial #and number of weapons being purchased?

    1. J.Biros: So you support “Mental Health” records?? What happened to “shall not be Questioned” you fuckin hypocrite? Do you think criminals care about “Mental Health” records?? NO Fuckin way they do. You are a dumbass!!! Also the NRA didn’t start backing pre-emption till this year, We have been trying to get it through since Metcalfe sponsored the 1st bill 3yrs ago… Yes, HB2011 does get rid of the illegal PSP database Corbett had promised to eliminate.

      1. Your rude behavior toward my commenters is not going to be tolerated if it continues. I’d suggest modifying it now. I am completely OK with people presenting dissenting viewpoints, provided they do it in a respectful manner.

        Make an argument. If you’re just going to call people dumbness and hypocrites, you’re going to find your comments removed. This is the last warning.

      2. Thanks for replying…..Yes if a person has been adjudicated mentally ill and a JUDGE feels they are dangerous enough to commit, then yes, it should be reported to NICS.

        Is it OK with you if the dangerously mentally have the ability to have fire arms?

        Isn’t mentally /criminally ill what caused Newtown, Colo theater shooting, etc…..

        As I understand there is also a process to regain your rights, if you are no longer a danger to yourself or others, in the Bill.

        Exactly where am I a hypocrite?

        I feel all law abiding persons, should have the ability to own, carry and use firearms, I believe in Constitutional carry. I also believe that ppl who have served their prison time, paid their debt to society, should have their rights restored.

        I do not see where keeping ppl who are a danger to themselves or others , from having a gun is hypocritical.

  2. I receive the NRA legislative update, and have no recollection of so much as a mention of HB 2011. If I am incorrect, please advise. Without sounding like an NRA basher, I believe the principle forces that are moving this bill are the many and several Pennsylvania grassroots associations and groups. On the other hand, CeaseFirePA is taking much credit for the anti-gun amendments. CeaseFirePA is well funded, well organized, filled with emotion, but totally bereft of facts. Please call your legislator and ask them to force a straight up or down vote on HB 2011, without amendment(s).

    1. Well, then I suggest actually opening the alerts you claim to receive since I can count 6 specific mentions of this bill and topic for 2014 just since the opening of the session. That doesn’t include all previous mentions of the general topic of preemption.

      1. Bitter-
        I don’t save the alerts, but I’ll take your word for it that NRA is firmly supportive of HB 2011. Just because I didn’t see it, that does not mean the alerts don’t exist. I’m speaking specifically to the NRA-ILA Alerts. They are the only ones I receive.

        1. The NRA-ILA alerts, the only ones that tackle the legislative issues at all due to the structure of the organization, are archived on the website for you to search easily by state. You can also search within those results for bill numbers or words. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can go research the topic yourself before making sweeping claims that they haven’t been covering this bill or issue.

  3. I might add that while I don’t necessarily agree with the totality of opinions of the moderator of this site, profanity and verbal insults are not necessary. They add little to the dialogue. If you disagree with a comment, you might want to say “your comment, sir, is so absurd that it barely survives its journey across the internet highway”, or words to that effect. Its far too easy to prove you are a poor commenter by resorting immediately to cursing and insults. Just a point of etiquette that may or may not serve to add some civility to the site.

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