Assembly Vote on Magazine Ban Today


[Today] (March 20) beginning at 1:00 p.m., the New Jersey Assembly is scheduled to vote on A2006 (gun ban / mag ban) and A2777 (reasonable deviations in firearms transportation).  There will be no testimony taken, so it is not necessary to attend in person.  You can watch online (scroll to middle of page and click “view or listen to live proceedings”).

They are asking people call their Assembly critters and demand they vote NO on A2006, and that they FIX A2777 to restore judicial discretion in regards to allowed deviations when transporting firearms.

I think this will probably pass. The reason is because I think its purpose is to try to stick it to Christie and put him in a difficult position. We’ll find out how seriously he wants to run in 2016. If he signs a bill that bans the Marlin Model 60 yet again, his national ambitions are over.

5 thoughts on “Assembly Vote on Magazine Ban Today”

  1. It doesn’t matter… if Christie vetoes it, they’ll try again when his Democrat successor takes over.

    NJ is doomed… I’m packing it in.

  2. Christie vetoed the .50 cal ban.

    If he even seriously entertains the notion of banning a rifle capable of firing .22 cal… just… why? I mean I know there are all sorts of stupid politicians in NJ, but wow. I think he has a chance to regain some credibility, but it’s an uphill battle now especially with the talk of Jeb getting in the race. Even Jeb Bush has a strong pro-2A record in Florida… Stronger than George W. and George H.W.

      1. New Jersey Republicans are not what I would consider to be “real” Republicans. They are more like RINO types instead, who only give tepid support at best to pro-2A issues. The true Republicans in New Jersey, like Steve Lonegan, never seem to get the support or the votes they would need to get elected.

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