Magazine Ban Delayed in New Jersey Senate

Most of the “uncontroversial” (only to NJ politicians) made it through the Senate, save one:

The Senate also continues to refuse to take up a bill approved by the Assembly to reduce the number of bullets permitted in a magazine from 15 to 10 rounds, although Assembly leaders appeared to have softened their position on blocking the Senate gun bills in return.

A big unknown in all this is how serious Chris Christie is about his presidential ambitions. Even if he plays the Schwarzenegger game of symbolically vetoing one provision or two, but signing the rest of the package, it’ll be over for him. There’s not much middle ground left on this issue anymore. The states that have generally been pro-gun have grown their gun culture, and gotten more pro-gun, and the states that successfully destroyed it have gotten more anti-gun. Christie has the misfortune of being a Republican in an anti-gun state, but I think even New Jersey Republicans have seriously overestimated the ability of this issue to hurt them. Christie could veto all of this, still get re-elected, and still be a contender in a Presidential run.

4 thoughts on “Magazine Ban Delayed in New Jersey Senate”

  1. Thank you for covering New Jersey 2nd Ammendment issues. It’s greatly apprieciated.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think Christie disagrees with all of the proposals.

  3. I had heard that Governor Christie wanted to “supplement” the existing paper permits with the photo ID and training. Fie on that.

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