Surge in Carry Permits

The Washington Times is reporting California Sheriffs are getting deluges with applications for concealed carry permits since the ruling in Peruta. Right now Peruta is stayed, though both San Diego and Orange County have decided to start issuing on a shall-issue basis anyway. Sheriffs in other counties can still take very narrow reading on “good cause,” at least until the court issues a final mandate. Still, it’s good to see there’s pent up demand in the Golden State. It is through this that perhaps a foundation can be built that would start turning the state’s gun laws around.

3 thoughts on “Surge in Carry Permits”

  1. I got multiple friends in OC and San Diego and even LA calling me on the east coast to ask questions not only about the laws, but also about the best guns to carry. one even crossed state lines while on the east coast just to get to my place and try out various guns.

    these are not “gun people” in any sense of the word and only one had/has a stalker (they never really go away). and I didn’t think some of them would be interested at all, but the questions starting coming.

    anecdotally, some LA people are talking of using family to establish OC residency to get a shall issue permit that will work fine in LA LA land.

    demand is there and will grow in time, if allowed to do so. also not sure OC and San Diego can walk back now that they took the plunge – reluctantly – but voluntarily.

    1. It’s harder for a politician to take something away from a person than it is to keep it away.

      There’s also that CCW cuts away many of anti’s planks. Because when a common citizen can carry a gun for self defense the arguments of “handguns are only for killing” or “people can just have guns for hunting and sport” start to get weaker.

  2. San Diego is holding self defense ccw applications until the the ruling is mandated to San Diego. My application is in but on hold.

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