Write up on Anti-Gun ABA Conference in Philly

In the ABA Journal: How to tackle gun violence without violating 2nd Amendment rights? Legal leaders share strategies. Let me fix that for you: “How to tackle gun violence by nibbling at the Second Amendment around the edges. Anti-gun leaders share strategies.” It shows how delusional the other side is:

The challenge of crafting a legal response to gun violence without violating Second Amendment rights was tackled by the next panel. Juliet Leftwich, legal director of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said that public revulsion over the 2012 Newtown, Conn., tragedy, in which a gun-wielding assailant killed 20 children and seven other adults, may have reversed a 30-year trend of weakening gun regulation.

Really? You passed new laws in a few states where you always had the power to burn us any time you generally wanted. The only real pickup was Colorado, and that started a backlash that would effectively kill the gun control movement post-Newtown. And even if the states friendly to gun control, they failed in New Jersey, and they failed in California. There’s such a thing as making lemonade from lemons, but there’s a fine line between that and outright delusions.

Chermerinsky noted that in general, courts tend to uphold laws regulating guns. “I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of decisions that have struck down gun regulations,” he said.

It’s not a numbers game. We can lose all decade long in the lower courts, but if we win key appellate cases, that has real impact. Illinois now issues concealed carry licenses, and the first are being mailed out as we speak. That was a direct result of the 7th Circuit ruling. California and Hawaii are inching ever closer to shall-issue due to a major win at in the 9th Circuit. Sure, we haven’t one in every circuit, but Illinois, California and Hawaii going shall-issue is what Joe Biden would call a “big f**king deal” and there’s honestly no other way you can spin that. The gun control people might win more cases, but we’re winning some very important ones.

UPDATE: I’d note that they held their conference at the National Constitution Center. I’ve reported on this organization before and their questionable stances on the Second Amendment. I won’t necessarily ding them for hosting an event, but since NRA has been known to do legal seminars in Philadelphia, I look forward to the National Constitution Center hosting one of those as well, just as a demonstration they are open to the view of the Second Amendment accepted by the Supreme Court.

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  1. “…the 2012 Newtown, Conn., tragedy, in which a gun-wielding assailant killed 20 children and seven other adults….” (emphasis added)

    Better count again. The victim count was 20 children and six teachers/administrators … unless you’re also counting the “gun-wielding assailant” as one of the victims.

    It wouldn’t be the first time the anti-rights side has artificially inflated their numbers.

    1. The only way they could possibly count 7 adults is if they are counting that nutbag’s mom as the 7th victim…

  2. The dean of my law school (Temple U) kept sending all of us students an electronic flier for this “expert” discussion, but I couldn’t stomach the list of speakers. I declined to attend since I figured I could deduce the tripe that would be spewed. Unfortunately, I see I was correct.

  3. Any details on this

    And a 13-year-old boy, who, on his way to football practice with his father, saw his father gunned down in the street by a man wielding a MAC-10 submachine gun. The father died in the boy’s arms.

    As an ABA member (and one with a leadership position – though not in this area) I would love to take them to task for poor reporting.

    is anyone familiar with this? Usually, they just call it an AK47 or an Assault Weapon. But they are calling this a MAC-10 submachine gun. If its in fact not an automatic weapon, I’m going tyo have a field day.

    1. Actually, just did a bit more digginh (and re-read the next line). Sebastian, can you change my previous comment with this one:

      Any details on this

      And a 13-year-old boy, who, on his way to football practice with his father, saw his father gunned down in the street by a man wielding a MAC-10 submachine gun. The father died in the boy’s arms.

      As an ABA member (and one with a leadership position – though not in this area) I would love to take them to task for poor reporting.

      According to Wikipedia, his parents “fled” Cuba but his father continued to maintain some contact and was assassinated by gunman at some point as a tool of Castro. I don’t doubt that if they were actual hitmen (perhaps baked by the US Government, the CIA, the KGB, etc) that they might have used a machine gun. But I doubt it was legal.

      1. Well, here’s more

        At age 13, he witnessed the assassination of his father, one of 75 representatives of the Cuban community in exile who successfully negotiated with the Cuban government to release over 3,000 political prisoners. Not far from his northern New Jersey home, Negrin’s father was shot to death by members of Omega 7, a radical anti-Castro group that violently condemned any dealings with the dictator’s government.

        Later the same day, Negrin’s pastor prayed with him, asking the boy to forgive his father’s killers. “He profoundly impacted my world,” says Negrin. “His words prevented me from becoming bitter, and consequently, it’s why I went to law school, why I remain active in the community, and why I raise my kids to do the right thing.”

        Here’s a <a href="http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2008-09-25/news/let-terrorist-eduardo-arocena-go/full/"more detailed description of the attack

        As Eulalio approaches the driver’s door and Richard bends to unlatch the passenger side, a gray Ford Granada with a cherry red roof accelerates through the stop sign at the end of the block.

        Black ski masks flash inside the car. There’s a spark and a sound like firecrackers popping. Richard falls to the ground. It feels like he was punched in the hip. He’s stunned. Deafened.

        It’s over in seconds. He sits on the sidewalk in a swirl of gun smoke, staring at twisted chunks of metal and shards of glass, trying to decode their meaning. Then he remembers his father.


        The boy’s soft voice pierces the eerie silence on the street.


        Richard rounds the car to find Eulalio lying near the rear bumper. Bright crimson blood pours from his mouth and neck, pooling on the cool asphalt. He doesn’t speak as Richard grabs him and lifts his head. Something flashes in the father’s eyes: relief. His son survived.

        At 9:50 a.m., Eulalio José Negrín died in his son’s arms. Five bullets had found their mark, severing a major artery in the 37-year-old’s neck.

        The barrage of MAC-10 rounds, unbeknownst to Richard, was the loudest broadside to date in a war sweeping not only Union City — “Havana on the Hudson” — but also Miami and the island 90 miles south of Florida.

        Now, 30 years later, scores of Cuban-Americans in Miami still support the cause and consider the actions of its warriors — including Eulalio José Negrín’s killers — justified. The feeling is so strong that dozens in South Florida and beyond have thrown themselves into the most quixotic of campaigns: trying to persuade President Bush to parole a terrorist named Eduardo Arocena, who was convicted of two murders, including that of Eulalio, as well as 32 bombings from Manhattan to Little Havana.

        So, his father was a Cuban exile, though one who actually maintained contact witht the Castro Regime. He was assassinated by a group that carried out a whole heck of a lot of other attacks beyond this. And, well, its pretty tough to see how gun control would have ever stopped Omega 7. Here is how Wikipedia describes them(admittedly, not the best resource, but we go with what we have. I’ll continue to look for more).

        Omega 7 formed in the early 1960s after John F. Kennedy abandoned overt United States support for the Cuban exiles in supposed fear of Soviet nuclear retaliation. Kennedy’s decision to discontinue his support came at the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis in which Kennedy agreed with the USSR to not invade or attack Cuba, and restrain those who were planning to carry out attacks against Cuba, in exchange for the removal of nuclear weapons from Cuba. As a result, groups like Omega 7 emerged. Many of the Cuban exile community categorized Kennedy as an incompetent who quickly gave in to Soviet intimidation in believing the Soviets would attack the US. Kennedy was assassinated a year later (see John F Kennedy assassination).
        Omega 7 is now said to be disbanded, with some of its leaders imprisoned in the United States. Omega 7 is considered a terrorist organization by the Cuban government. According to the FBI, its members are mostly Bay of Pigs veterans trained in demolition, intelligence, and commando techniques. Omega 7 operated internationally but is said to have carried out most of its attacks in the USA; these were mainly car bombings and direct assassinations, most of them done in a manner very difficult to trace.
        These paramilitary groups have been accused of plotting and carrying out numerous assassinations of Cuban communist political leaders, spies, and supporters, as well as attacks on Cuban airliners, Cuban government-run hotels, embassies, and ships. During their most active years (1960s-80s) Omega 7, like other anti-Castro movements, were seen favorably by many Cubans in exile and anti-communists.

        1. Basically, his father was assassinated at the height of the cold war by a group started by JFK following the Bay of Pigs and essentially trained by the CIA and other American Intelligene operatives to take down Castro. Since his father maintained some connection to Castro (and could understandably be considered a stooge/spy/traitor/tool of the Castro Regime – and therefore perhaps also a KGB guy) its not too tough to imagine that folks would want to take him down. Which they did.

          And this shit head communist (is it fair to call the son of Castro’s henchman who is an elected Democrat member of the Philadelphia City government a communist) now wants to dance on his fathers grave to advance his own political career.

          Like hell. Someone needs to go call him out.

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