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Is it Thursday already? Time files when you’re enjoying the warm, tropical weather. My weather station outside says 48F, with 58% relative humidity. Well, hell, pour me a margarita and I’ll sit out on a beach chair and watch the snow melt. This the warmest it’s been in weeks. Hopefully it’ll do good work on the glaciation going on around my driveway and on the roof of the house. Now for some fun-in-the-sun news:

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens would like to amend the Second Amendment to render it meaningless.

The State of New York thinks it’s worse to murder someone in a park than some other place. Gun control is a dishonest politicians hobby horse for avoiding blame for failing at one of the most basic functions of government. Funny how when government does too much it always screws up the basics.

Is the Bureau of Land Management in cahoots with anti-hunting HSUS?

Massachusetts is looking at deregulating pepper spray. Currently you have to have a Class B License to Carry in order to possess pepper spray. It’s not often you’ll hear me use “Massachusetts” and “deregulation” in the same sentence.

New national consensus on the right to carry. Sadly, many federal judges are still way behind the culture on this.

New York State abolishes trial by combat. What surprised me is that the date is 1786. I think we should bring it back, but only for politicians accused of crimes against the public.

South Carolina rejects Constitutional Carry. It’s difficult to pass, even in very gun friendly states, but if we can get a few more, the tide might start sweeping up other states.

The ACLU is standing behind the Second Amendment being a collective right. Fortunately, some of their state chapters are more progressive on the Second Amendment, and accept it as an individual right. I have actually been a member of the ACLU in the past, but never again until they accept the proper interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Giffords and Kelly are planning to write a new book on gun control. Mark Kelly is, as always, eager to demonstrate he’s really one of us. Beware gun owners bearing gun control.

Why that .22 revolver isn’t all that cheap.

This is – to me – a classic case of personal disempowerment, where we refuse to participate in our own defense but request or even demand that others protect us.

Let me suggest that the real problem is that we have too many felons, because too many crimes have been designated as felonies. Traditionally, felonies were very serious crimes, for which the death penalty was common. The justification for loss of civil rights, like voting, was that though you were being allowed to live, your crime — rape, murder, etc. — was sufficiently serious that it separated you from civil society. That can’t be maintained where today’s rather promiscuous designation of felonies is concerned.” I look forward to reading some legal writing on this topic.

Gun sales are plunging! More like returning to (still higher than) normal levels, after Obama and the anti-gun folks sent everyone into a panic.

Did ATF provide adequate comment period for 41P?

Progress on suppressors. It has to be pushed in the states before there’s going to be support for it federally. It’ll be a long march back for a lot of Title II stuff.

Gun Control Sent Me Packing.”

Massad Ayoob on Dunn and Zimmerman.

Bloomberg’s report on school violence ignores reality.

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  1. Stevens: so since the 2nd was about allowing non-standing-army citizens to have firearms, it must have been meant to establish a standing army and restrict firearms to said government military.
    – – –
    Where else have I seen that recently? Oh yes, in order to disconnect health insurance from an employer a recent law requires employers to offer health insurance tied to the jobs the employer offers.

  2. About the National Consensus on Right to Carry and the states that have passed it — which our opponents argue is based only on the NRA buying legislators and not the views of the people at all — here is a poll of H.S. students on that subject:

    Table 2: Individuals should have the right to carry a concealed gun
    Frequency Percent Cumulative Percent
    Strongly Disagree 76 8.25 8.25
    Disagree 288 31.27 39.52
    Agree 400 43.43 82.95
    Strongly Agree 157 17.05 100.00
    Total | 921 100.00

    So basically 60% of these H.S. students agree or strongly agree that Citizens should be able to carry concealed weapons (even though they polled in favor of some other gun control items, like expanded back ground check).

      1. I think about 100 of those comments are mine, if I remember my post-Heller manic posting correctly.

      1. Those questions will, presumably, be answered over time.

        Nor updated their position to align with the clear answers to that have been revealed since 2008.

  3. The BLM as far as I can consider is anti-gun. At any chance they get they will shut down all lands to target shooting and use any excuse they can. Most common is when fire season starts.

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