Arizona “Shall Sign” Bill Moving Forward

Though Virginia defeated a similar bill last week, word comes from Arizona that they are moving forward on a bill that would require the chief law enforcement officer to sign off on certifications from BATFE relating to firearms if the applicant is not prohibited from owning firearms or currently under any kind of investigation that could result in them being prohibited. If the CLEO denies it, they must notify the applicant in writing and spell out the reasons they are denying the certification.

4 thoughts on “Arizona “Shall Sign” Bill Moving Forward”

  1. AZ HB2535 made it through the Judiciary committee today, with an amendment extending the CLEO signoff deadline from 15 days to 60 days.

  2. Excellent! This is the way we can get around bad LEOs who refuse to sign. Its especially important with BATFElatio’s 41P rule.

    This would be great for PA, but I doubt it’ll happen since we have the laziest legislature this side of the nut house.

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