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If you live in Eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey, bend over, because here it comes again. Aunt Em! Toto! It’s a Nor’easter! it’s a Nor’easter! (that’s Naweasta for those of you in New England). I suppose this god awful winter just wouldn’t be complete without one. One disadvantage to having an office in the middle of the hobby farming and horse breeding bedroom community in Chester County is that it’s hard for people get in during any inclement weather, so this winter has been a real killer for us. But that’s not to say there hasn’t been gun news:

Rifle OC isn’t about attention whoring. No sir.

Like you and me, only better.

This is how such things would be handled in a more ideal world.

We now have a SAFE act legal AR-15. I’m sure the removal of the pistol grip will make it less deadly. The Coalition Against Gun Ergonomics will no doubt be pleased. Could we file suit against SAFE using the American’s With Disabilities Act? Anyone in NY have arthritis?

An exodus from MAIG. That’s OK, since they don’t seem to be big on maintaining a list of members these days. That’s been nothing but a boon for us when some of them inevitably get convicted of crimes.

Andrew Cuomo is trying to buy some gun votes by spending money on ranges. Hate to tell you, buddy, but ranges are useless when you banned all the guns that were popular.

Shot detection seems to be a waste of money.

There’s a new book in the works about guns and the civil rights movement. The carefully constructed progressive narrative is coming apart. Groups like CSGV, MDA and the increasingly irrelevant Brady organization have to be coming apart at the seams.

Concealed Carry on Campus in Idaho introduced. Clayton is looking to organize some students.

Restricting guns to prevent suicide? Clearly what we need are more background checks.

Ohio Court of Appeals panel rules that the Second Amendment applies to carrying firearms in cars.

Another Third Amendment case. For two hundred years we’ve had one or two Third Amendment cases. But thanks to the modern police state culture that is overtaking American law enforcement, this is the third such case I’ve seen as of late.

Restricting handgun possession to those 17 and under passes strict scrutiny in Louisiana.

I was hoping to have more to say about a federal judge upholding Connecticut’s new gun control laws, but I just don’t. It’s the intermediate scrutiny two step again… with judges treating the Second Amendment as an inferior right.

Nothing ails the pain a family has to be suffering due the accidental death of a child like sending a parent to jail.” We’d never think about doing such a thing with a parent who left a gate open by accident on a pool, despite pools killing far more children each year.

Joe notices CSGV’s flexible fundraising goals. Their finances were not in the best of shape pre-Newtown. I suspect they had a boot post-Newtown, but people’s attention has moved on since.

Bob Owens highlights some epic ignorance on parade.

NSA spying undermines separation of powers.

Caleb is upset that NAGR highlights a sausage sack holster in one of its ads.

Are SoCos saving liberalism?

8 thoughts on “Tuesday News Links”

  1. Restricting handgun possession to those 17 and under passes strict scrutiny in Louisiana.

    I am assuming that “to” should be “by”?

    Because a) that would never pass strict scrutiny and b) nobody would pass that law in the first place.

  2. While we may not like the Louisiana ruling, restricting legal minors from exercising rights that are enjoyed by legal adults – even basic rights, such as freedom of movement, is easily justified, even under strict scrutiny.

    1. Perhaps, but we need to be careful they don’t use this as a barrier to entry for new, young gun owners.

      1. I agree. Personally, while I would prefer laws that left simple possession of a handgun by a minor up to the parent or legal guardian’s decision,* I’m fine with laws restricting possession of firearms by minors as long as they have sensible, easily complied with exceptions such as: while accompanied by an adult who is not a “prohibited person”, while in possession of a note from a legal guardian giving permission, while actually en route to or from or engaged in lawful hunting (where a handgun would be normal hunting equipment, such as handgun hunting or a handgun to dispatch wounded game), while on private property with the permission of the landowner or renter, etc.

        * With the adult held financially liable for the child’s negligent behavior and held criminally liable for any consequences arising from THEIR negligent permissivness in the case of a child where a reasonable person would determine that individual child would be unsafe (due to immaturity, patterns of aberrent behavior, or known mental defect, etc.) just as they are for OTHER items like cars, boats, power tools, etc.

  3. Partially in defense of the guy in TX…isn’t Beaumont the town that has a history of enforcing non-existent laws? May have been a civil disobedience angle to that one, as they didn’t cite him for the weapon, but made it sound like they “might”.

  4. Someone thought it was a good idea to come up with the tortured acronym of SENTRI out of the gun shot detection system. How wonderfully reassuring for those of us who value liberty. Why didn’t they just go with “Bang Induced Gun Ballistic Recognition Optics”, or BIGBRO?

    1. Beautifully

      Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

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