Tuesday: The News Links

It’s Tuesday, and time to clear the tabs. The news cycle is all about the collapse of Obamacare, and not guns. I guess we got our time in the sun pooping on the Obama Administration for a while, and now it’s other issue’s turn.

I’ll lead off with a non-gun story, just because it’s cool. Apparently someone shattered the cannonball run speed record, and cracked the 30 hour mark doing it.

Virginia Tech is not liable for failing to warn students about the shooter. The government won’t let you protect yourself if you’re a college student, but they’ll absolve themselves of any responsibility if they fail to protect you.

The last lead smelter in the US shuts down. I guess we’ll be importing all our lead from now on, or more accurately recycling most, and importing some. But no more lead manufactured from ore in the US.

Simple ideas for Simple Minds.

How NRA became ATF’s biggest enemy. But the fact that we can have some input into ATF’s operations, director and budget is one reason you don’t see a huge move to abolish the agency. Gun owners wouldn’t get that kind of input into the FBI, and the FBI will very competently violate your rights.

Facebook is become some lame thing old people use.

Government is magic. Highly recommended, though off topic.

Looks like Newtown might just want to be left in peace as the anniversary approaches, but the gun control groups and Obama Administration aren’t going to let that happen.

John Lott also takes down the new study showing owning a gun makes you a racist.

Ted Cruz speaks about Stand Your Ground.

More zero tolerance nonsense.

Landowner liability act finally passes the PA Senate.

Serving the people.

The media is still getting it wrong about assault weapons.

This is how we spell e-n-t-r-a-p-m-e-n-t

Billboards advertising jury nullification. More of this please.

Piracy has dropped significantly since ships are being armed. Who would have guessed?

Why people own guns. If someone asked me that, I’d have to ask “Well, which gun are you talking about?”

2 Responses to “Tuesday: The News Links”

  1. Robert says:

    Surprised that you didn’t have something about Guns & Ammo editor Dick Metcalf’s article supporting gun control.

  2. Kirk Parker says:

    You write “Landowner liability act finally passes…” as if that were a good thing.

    But if I read it correctly, the section of PA law that was amended begins, “A person who causes an unlawful act to be done by another person…

    So maybe all this effort should have gone into reading lessons for the prosecutors and judiciary? Look, I understand needing to clarify things that are poorly written and/or ambiguous, but this hardly seams either. And so the law continues it metastatic growth to the detriment of every (would-be) law-abiding citizen.