Hope for Pennsylvania

Before the 2014 election season truly kicks into high gear in Pennsylvania, at least I have a little hope for the state with two little bits of information.

The big one is that Virginia just overcame the hardest vote to end the ban on Sunday hunting. There’s still a Senate vote to go, but it has passed in that chamber before. If Virginia can do it after years of arguing, then hopefully Pennsylvania can, too. Perhaps opponents will see that the sky won’t fall, just as it hasn’t in the vast majority of states that allow hunting on Sunday, and reason will prevail.

The second item is a bit of an election year kissing babies moment, but it was announced today that Gov. Tom Corbett is going to attend the NRA Friends dinner that will be held in conjunction with the new sportsman’s show in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania gun owners who appreciate our commonwealth’s laws over places like New York, Maryland, and Connecticut should really help out in a big, big way this year. Gov. Corbett came out firmly against gun bans when the press was pushing him hard to make a call for gun control, and he did it early enough that it shut down any major threat from the legislature.

6 thoughts on “Hope for Pennsylvania”

  1. Hopefully he can win in 2014, but I have to ask a few questions; What do guys have on Rob McCord, and do you think that even if Corbett loses, will the GOP at least hold on to one chamber of the State Legislature?

  2. “Gov. Corbett came out firmly against gun bans when the press was pushing him hard to make a call for gun control. . .”

    Did he promise to veto any gun control legislation that got passed by the General Assembly? Or did he just endorse “enforcing existing laws?”

  3. all the Gov has to do is expound on the gun confiscation in California, New York and Colorado…

    the battles the people and sheriffs had with the politicians..

  4. Gov. Corbett came out firmly against gun bans? Really? Let’s address the truth of that: The powers of the governor are largely created and circumscribed by statute in Pennsylvania. The governor is allowed by the General Assembly to call a declaration of emergency, with specific acts and requirements. A declaration of emergency turns the entire state into Philadelphia per 18 Pa.C.S. 6107. Therefore, Corbett has banned guns, for significant portions of several of the past years. Welcome to the future of gun bans that apparently no one in Pennsylvania realizes are gun bans. Bravo. Good show. Corbett has been happy to ban the acquisition and possession of other property, in direct contravention to Pa. Const. art. I, sec. 1 and 25, by signing such bills. So why not guns?

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