Monday News Links

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I’m pleased that for the first time in days the temperature is actually above freezing! Who would have guessed such things were possible. Here’s some news links:

Miguel notes the hypocrisy of the Chicago Police Department. They are battlefield weapons that don’t belong on the streets when you have them, but necessary “patrol rifles” when they do.

Taxing a right.

To be fair, they have to squash dissent, because they don’t have any arguments.

Illinois is also proposing a state law to disarm people prescribed medical pot.

Connecticut is planning an amnesty because so few people registered their guns. I doubt that’s going to help. They didn’t register them because they know better, not because they forgot, or didn’t hear about it.

Tim on Rule 1 guns. Rule 1 of gunfighting is to have a gun.

This is a ghost gun. Don’t cross the streams!

I have to admit, this makes me reconsider my hesitance to agree that the Volokh move to the WaPo was a good idea. I agree with Ace of Spades who note: “I hate to tell him this but: They know that’s what you’re offering to the public. That’s the problem.”

A newspaper boss wanted to make a public database of gun owners, then decided to change his mind. These people are evil. I have no doubt they’d stuff us all into cattle cars if they thought they could get away with it.

I’ve never carried to the opera before, but I’ve carried to orchestra concerts. We’re not all uncultured rednecks like they think. Maybe they could use some therapy for their phobias.

Prof. Nick Johnson is going to be guest blogging over at Volokh, speaking about his new book “Negroes and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms” You can also see his excellent interview on C-SPAN’s Book TV here.

Off topic: I’d say I’ll never eat at Subway again, but I don’t eat at Subway to begin with. Why? Because their food sucks. It’s just bread and filler — hardly any meat and cheese.


5 Responses to “Monday News Links”

  1. Heather from AK says:

    I’ve carried while performing in orchestra concerts. GASP.

  2. Sigivald says:

    And I notice Chicago PD specifies a 20 or 30 round magazine.

    Evidently on the streets of this country one might actually desire more than 7 or 10 rounds, who knew?

  3. Richard says:

    The VC in WaPo may make liberal heads explode but paywalls are still evil.

  4. I’ve carried at the opera — Candide, most recently, in fact.

    I didn’t care for the production much, I’m afraid. :-\

    I’ve carried at numerous events at the AK Performing Arts center before. It certainly isn’t a gun free zone.

  5. Akatsukami says:

    Projection again; the limousine liberals would love to shoot Don Jose and save Carmen for themselves.