UK Politicians Speaking Out Against the Handgun Ban

While he’s not proposing a system that American gun owners would tolerate, it is interesting to see a British politician arguing that banning handguns for the law-abiding is a terrible idea that was done as a senseless knee-jerk reaction.

Of course, his critics try to insult him by saying his positions are irresponsible and too much like America. To try and find middle ground, the handgun “advocate” also calls Americans crazy for allowing so many law-abiding citizens to own guns.

7 Responses to “UK Politicians Speaking Out Against the Handgun Ban”

  1. RP says:

    Their condescending tone reminds me of some of the haughty liberal types over here.

    God forbid your “beacon of safety” would have its violent crime rate drop by two-thirds to match the American knuckle-draggers.

  2. Archer says:

    Related to RP’s comment, they can allow or not allow guns in the U.K. I, of course, would love to see them recognize the right to firearm ownership for all legal purposes, but that’s only half the issue with their violent crime rates.

    If they’re really serious, they’ll change their self-defense laws so that actions other than “lie back and think of England” are considered justified, and therefore legal. Personally, I find all those instances of “Congrats, you’ve survived a murder/rape/assault/robbery attempt by hitting him with a cricket bat, and now you’re under arrest for assault-and-battery with a weapon. Wotcher!” even more grating than the lack of firearms for self-defense. And let’s not mention what happens when one of the few legal shotguns is used to ward off an attacker.

  3. Self Defense is legal in the UK. It is just that they have boxed themselves into a corner by claiming that guns are not necessary or useful for self defense. The government had to talke that stand in order to justify the severe restrictions on handguns, and now, on nearly all guns.

    Once you admit that handguns are useful for self defense, all else follows.

    This is why the Heller decision is so powerful.

    • The Jack says:

      Isn’t it also that any defensive force has to be “proportional” and that the use of tools is prohibited as if you’re carrying something, even if it’s a milk bottle that shows premeditation?

  4. Zermoid says:

    What is somewhat comical is this is exactly the same thing Briton did before WW2, which is why we had to ship every spare firearm we had over to them so they could defend their piece of crap island when war broke out and they had little more than rocks and sticks to defend their homeland from invasion with.

    Some people never learn…..

  5. Phil says:

    I am literally amazed that this guy has spoke up! As a Brit I am both fully supportive and impressed by Nigel Farage for speaking for us. It is about time. Every time stats are produced proving that violent crime has increased since the ban some idiot brings in the psycho gun nut line and people start worrying about their careers. They have a vision of a peaceful utopian society.

    People here think American gun culture is crazy because it frightens them that people can genuinely be allowed to have so much firepower. They are not scared or critical of the US lifestyle. They are simply not used to people being so laid back about “guns”. A word that has been taboo’d to the point of utter stupidity.

    It genuinely pisses me off that we are compared to the US anyway because our cultures differ so much, ie: guns have always been a major part of the American society as a whole. In the UK most people aren’t interested. Its that simple. Guns have been beaten down so much that interest in them has dwindled into history. Sadly, this is because they are made out to be alot worse than they actually are.

    We are talking about politicians who advocated chasing a fox on a horse and tearing it to pieces yet owning the capability for a clean quick kill is an absolute no go.

    Its bizarre. The police here have more incidents involving lost firearms and personal injury to operators through negligent discharge than any other outfit. Firearms officers (yes, as opposed to just officers) are professional and safe however they seem to have alot of incidents where they shoot themselves accidentally or discharge weapons accidentally or just lose weapons in various places i.e a mcdonalds toilet cubicle…….

    I am sick to death of being compared to a civilian killing psycho because i shoot. This guy speaks for 1.7 million people just like me.

    Its frankly, about time someone had the balls.

    I for one value my rights. Its about time freedom of speech was exercised. I also dont see Americans as knuckle draggers! This country has more dickheads in power than you can shake a stick at!

    Silver spoon upper class morons run the UK. They probably always will sadly


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