Illinois Republicans Going Soft on Guns?

Looks that way. Too many Republicans think there is a middle ground on this issue. There isn’t. It’s either you throw your lot in with us, or you throw it in with the gun control people. The gun control people will never vote for you, no matter how much gun control you vote for, and I have better things to do than vote or volunteer for Republicans who support mag bans. The only middle ground is not signaling you’re a whackjob on the issue. At this point, supporting concealed carry and opposing magazine bans does not make one a whack job. Those are mainstream positions.

5 thoughts on “Illinois Republicans Going Soft on Guns?”

  1. “Going” soft? I’m pretty sure they’re just exposing the softness that was always there. We just choose to believe otherwise.

  2. There’s a reason they’re called the stupid party. I can understand a politician being a craven two-faced weathervane, but you’d think they’d realize the concept of unobtainable market segments.

    And it’s not even something like background checks where the could go 90%! 90%! Banning objects gets people more fired up than banning processes. And CCW is even more mainstream and is from a court order.

    You’d think they’d at least be smart enough to compromise on a “better” (for them) deal, but the Dems aren’t going to warn the Stupid Party about the razor wire.

  3. Ironically, the first time I read your post, I saw “Too many Republicans believe there is no middle ground on this issue.” I thought, ok, Sebastian has a great track record, I’ll see where he is going.

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