Welcoming Gun Owners to Indy

It seems that the Indianapolis Star has decided to roll out the welcome mat for the NRA convention later this year by effectively calling us delusional and announcing that they are against everything at the convention, but they’ll tolerate since it brings in money. Oh, and they also want to remind readers that we little lady gun owners are clearly only dependent upon our men to make all decisions regarding self-defense purchases.

For example, the columnist argues that Barack Obama’s gun control agenda may never have actually existed, so he’s not sure what NRA members are organizing against. Those executive orders the White House bragged about, clearly not evidence of a gun control agenda. Those press conferences calling for gun controls, clearly not evidence of a gun control agenda. Those questionnaires Obama filled out while running for lower offices that backed banning common guns, clearly not evidence of a gun control agenda. The current campaign arm of the Obama administration – OFA – sending out emails to organize a movement for more gun control laws, absolutely not evidence of any gun control agenda. According to the Indianapolis Star, all of these things are just figments of the imagination of NRA members.

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  1. Wow. What a thoroughly defeatist sounding article. I enjoyed reading it. 70,000? Really? Try no less than 80,000 this year if last year was any indicator…

  2. It’s better to underestimate in this case. There are too many outside factors that go into convention attendance. Plus, the record was so seriously shattered last year that it isn’t safe to say that would continue to be the trend. It would be great if that was the new standard for annual meeting numbers, but it’s probably not realistic.

  3. So in their own words they’re okay with the better part of a hundred thousand people, all of which could be armed, (Indiana accepts any state or country’s carry permit) coming to the city?

    So the Indy Star really really likes money.

    Or they don’t actually beleive gun owners are a threat.

    Oh as a bonus! Here in Indy you can drink in a bar while heeled. Another bit for the pearl-clutchers to freak out over.

      1. Overdone shock at something that offends Purtian sensibilities.

        IE: clutching a pearl necklace in shock.

  4. The Star is dying a slow, well-deserved death. Gary Varvel is its one redeeming virtue.

  5. “And, quite frankly, their views on guns are likely more popular than mine in the Hoosier State.”

    Shocking self awareness here. Given that OC of pistols goes without comment in downtown Indinapolis.
    Or that there’s over half a dozen gun ranges within city limits.

    But the oikophobia drifts off this guy. Sure he doesn’t get around to saying *how* the NRA’s policies lead to more crime, he’s too busy ranting about the prodcuts that’ll be sold and the convention and the no-name hick bands that’ll show up.

    “(Memo to the NRA: That gun control agenda, if it ever existed, has been thoroughly defeated, so no need to worry.)”

    Tell that to NY and CT. But fascinating advice: “You won last year! Now stop trying to win this year.”

    I do enjoy the deep irony that his advice of “keep it in the holster” is actually good.

    Heck it’s the same advice Tam gave to convention-goers.

  6. Within every red state there is a small cluster of liberal idiots and as usual they all seem to work as propaganda desk clerks at the big city “news” paper.

  7. We look forward to having you and the 70,000 members you will bring — even if some of us disagree with every last ounce of our souls with just about everything you stand for and believe that you are a glaring example of what is wrong with politics in America.

    Oh, Mr. Tully. Sad Panda. Why would you think that any of us give crap about what you agree or disagree with?

  8. Mr. Tully is a liberal opinion guy for the star, which is owned by the very liberal Gannett group (read ‘USA Today’) that ran the addresses of gun owners in one of their NY area papers after Newtown.

    In a related topic, he was robbed and beaten a few years back. Apparently he feels we should all have that pleasure as opposed to being able to defend ourselves and our dependents.

    1. Too bad it was only a beating, his demise would have been a boost to the average IQ level of the state.
      Not to mention sparing the thinking portion of the population having to bear his drivel.

      1. I can’t stand the guy’s politics, but wishing for anyone’s demise based on them having an opinion is a bit strong.

        1. Taking note that he was not removed from the gene pool when an opportunity for such to happen existed is not quite the same as wishing for his (assumed) future demise.
          More of a “too bad” sentiment that a “I hope he drops dead” one, slight difference.

          I’m sorry if it offends, but I’ve about had my fill, and then some, of Liberal stupidity and ignorance lately….

        2. The columnist would send gun owners to reeducation camps in a heartbeat.

    2. It’s been said that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. Guess it didn’t take in this case.

      1. Mabey, I was mugged once long ago and I’m definitely Conservative.

        Perhaps ability and willingness to learn is also part of it….

  9. The following from an NRA Life Member of 40-odd years, and resident of the Indianapolis area.

    Matthew Tully is as offensive on a daily basis as he appears in this writing; just as sanctimonious and self-righteous as you can imagine. Be thankful this is the only piece of his bleeding-heart liberal drivel to which you’ll likely ever be exposed, unless you atttend the convention and pick up a copy of the newsaper while you are here.

    The Indianapolis Star is indeed Gannett-owned and reeks of Gannett Control. The leftist puppet control strings from the east coast are so thick they could be used to secure ocean-going freighters to seaport docks.

    You think Tully was bad in this writing; you should have been here last year when he wrote hit piece after hit piece, crucifying and bludgeoning United States Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who was as strong a supporter of Second Amendment Rights as you will ever know, and well-spoken.

    Please come and enjoy Indianapolis, but understand we do have a liberal Gannett Puppet newspaper. Thankfully, it is dying a slow death, but too slow for many of us in central Indiana.

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