Appropriations Bill Not as Bad as First Thought

Josh Prince revises his previous post, noting that some of the protections that appeared to be missing are apparently still in place. It didn’t appear to mention the prohibition on creating a registry. Is that part of permanent legislation too? Or are we still missing that? It seems to me that preventing ATF from consolidating all those records in West Virginia into a registry is a pretty key provision to lose.

3 thoughts on “Appropriations Bill Not as Bad as First Thought”

  1. Yes, it may not be in there. However, what of the fact that this only funds these agencies until September 30, 2014 according to the bill itself? Digitizing all those records by then? Doubtful. I also haven’t heard any outcry from a single elected official over these omissions, either. It’s hard to believe that the likes of Steve Stockman would forget to mention it in a press release.

    I do want answers. I also want to know who is putting pressure on who.

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  3. Very strange… but the BATFE may have different thoughts on it…

    I wish these would be clearly labeled permanent.

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