While Our Opponents Were Distracted …

… getting all hysterical about HR822, and starting a dog and pony show in the Senate, It looks like another victory is afoot in Congress:

Cox pointed to three provisions in particular that would be made law under the minibus: language that would prohibit the Justice Department from consolidating firearms sales records, from electronically retrieving the records of former firearms dealers and from disclosing information on people who have passed firearms background checks.

The bill includes a host of one-year gun protections and new language barring the Justice Department from requiring imported shotguns to meet a “sporting purposes” test. The legislation also bars the use of funds to transfer the functions of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to other agencies and to promulgate or implement any rule requiring a physical inventory of any licensed firearms business.

I’m particularly happy about the part I bolded there. I’m guessing this is a funding rider that prevents ATF from spending money to enforce this provision. That effectively renders the sporting purposes test meaningless for shotguns. This prevents ATF from implementing its plans, which we discussed with John Frazer of NRA-ILA here.

9 thoughts on “While Our Opponents Were Distracted …”

  1. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just repeal the provision while we are at it?

    1. It’s easier to get funding riders. There’s been more than a few instances where after a few years of funding riders, there becomes the will to get a permanent fix in place.

  2. Couldn’t they have just killed the “sporting purpose” BS completely?

    If anything your 2nd Amendment rights are tied to Militia Use, which is military in nature, so at worst shouldn’t there be a “Military Purpose” test? I could live with that :-)

    1. Funding amendments and funding bills happen under different rules. It’s easier to get them than it is legislation that modifies US code.

  3. That whole “sporting purposes” thing really bugs me. It’s really just code for “hunting”, and needs to go away completely.

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