Liberals Who Accept Guns – The Horror!

I found this AP article in the San Francisco Chronicle a highly amusing read because it’s clear the reporter is simply horrified that a gun-related company expanding in a college town hasn’t faced mass protests from the “social justice”-minded students.

The statement from the head of the college’s Center for Religion, Spirituality and Social Justice that students are more interested in addressing issues like poverty and hunger than restricting people’s Second Amendment rights seems to leave the reporter baffled. The claim from the single gun control group contacted for comment that Brownell’s “is not a fit” because there is a college nearby that is known for a decent education is never challenged on how it’s not a fit if there wasn’t any opposition from the campus to this expansion. It’s just repeated as thought it was a fact.

The entire article centers around the baffling idea that there are people in Iowa who would be considered liberals, but who aren’t making gun control an absolute top priority. It’s a priority for the media, so clearly it should be a priority for these liberals…

5 thoughts on “Liberals Who Accept Guns – The Horror!”

  1. “the reporter is simply horrified that a gun-related company expanding in a college town hasn’t faced mass protests from the “social justice”-minded students.”

    My own kids are getting too close to middle age, and my grandkids are too young, for me to have a handle on what “kids” of college age think these days, but if it is true that they are trending toward being “libertarian,” in the classical “live and let live” sense of the word, chances are they look on “social justice” being strongly grounded in that principle. On the other hand, the reporter has probably long ago bought into that “social justice” is a list of not-necessarily related items on the liberal laundry/wish list — exactly as most “conservative” issues come off a laundry list that requires some convoluted argument to make them related.

  2. “[Gun control is] a priority for the media, so clearly it should be a priority for these liberals…”

    I find this indicative of the media’s over-estimation of its own importance. They think it should be a priority, therefore so should everyone, and never-mind that these are well-educated folks who presumably are in college to learn to do something the mainstream media is incapable of: real research and fact-finding.

    To the media, the thought of any liberal not marching in lock-step with The Agenda is horrifying.

  3. Not just the Media but the Authoritarians that are trying to pass themselves off as Liberals. I myself am glad to see a company like Brownell’s expanding their operations.

    FWIW, a reliable poll put gun ownership by those who vote aaginst the GOP at 40% and those who vote for the GOP at 47%; at least that is the numbers that would tell a stranger that there is a firearm in the house.

    We are out there. Some of us are far more vocal than others.

  4. Also worth pointing out the obvious: if gun control is not just not a priority in Iowa, but indeed guns are an accepted business with no opposition, then the chances of the despotic bigot Michael Bloomberg, or is pathetic boy servant the vile and violent bigot Andrew “Vote Cuomo Not The Homo” Cuomo stand zero chance of competing in the Iowa Caucuses.

  5. Born and raised in Iowa, and not that far out of college myself…Even the local liberals grew up around guns. If they didn’t have them, their friends did. In most of Iowa it’s a short drive to somebody’s farm to do some plinking on a weekend and anybody with a farm has a few guns (minimum kit: shotgun, usually 12ga sometimes 20, .410 (which isn’t considered a real shotgun around here), .22lr rifle of some flavor (wide variation, tending to older models), and a centerfire (“high power”) rifle of some sort (.30-06 is what i usually see). Usually some kind of handgun as well, but that’s often not shared. The other guns are tools of the farm and generally open for weekend amusement. Except dad’s rifle, which you may get to fire under supervision.

    In any event, everyone knows a “farm kid” growing up, everyone got to go shoot at somebody’s farm, fewer people get shot than injured by other farm equipment, so nobody seems to work up much steam about it.

    Unless they’re from somewhere else. San Fran, fer instance.

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