Happy Thanksgiving!

May you all have a happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving, and may your table be free of propagandists for the regime.

11 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to Bitter and Sebastian. Being on the left coast is quite an eye opener. I only pray for the health of our Republic. So much damage in only under 6 years.

  2. Heather from AK says:

    Our table is free of such things, but only because we refused to let certain family members join us. As Chris says “They can ruin my Christmas, but no WAY are they allowed to ruin my turkey.”

  3. Robert says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sebastian and Bitter!

  4. Rwilson451 says:

    Spent thanksgiving alone this year. My sister went to her daughters place. they might talk about where the turkey was shot at.

  5. Ronnie says:

    I hope Bitter and Sebastian had a Happy Thanksgiving too.

    My table was free of the Obamacare propaganda, but since we had two relatives who just got back from a month long trip to Australia and New Zealand, we spent some time telling them about the “knockout game” news stories of late.

    Then they told us about Australia. Their tour guide told them Australia now has the highest standard of living in the world, but this also means that everything in the country is expensive. A glass of wine in a restaurant is ten dollars alone, but nobody tips there because the minimum wage is something like 17/hour.

    The only health care type discussion we had yesterday was related to Australia. There is a socialized health care system in Australia, but my relatives said their tour guide told them that the Australian government “encourages” the people to buy private health insurance policies anyway, so as to relieve the demands placed upon the “free” health care system in Australia.

  6. Ronnie says:

    OT: The NYPD has been sending letters to registered gun owners in NYC to inform them that their registered guns are no longer legal because they hold more than five rounds of ammunition.

  7. Andy B. says:

    We spent the day with people for the most part not related to us in any blood way — very extended “family” via our children’s marriages. Nice people we see typically once or twice a year. In such circumstances I tend to keep my mouth shut and listen to political discussions for what can be learned.

    My conclusion was, the gun issue is on nobody’s radar screen, and Corbett and friends are in big trouble here in PA, based mainly on the recent sharp increase in the gasoline tax, contained in the transportation bill.

    Gun talk was brief and non-technical, limited mainly to fond remembrances of the now departed who had contributed to routing guns to dissidents overseas.

  8. I have to really wonder what sort of people would propagandize for Obamacare over Thanksgiving dinner. I suspect even most members of OFA probably looked at this suggestion and thought, “This is darn weird.”

    • Andy B. says:

      I would guess this was an example where the recommended action was not intended to accomplish its stated propaganda goal, but to bond the supporting “activist” more tightly to the position. As gun owners we are familiar with that from our own groups, large and small.

  9. Zermoid says:

    Hope ya had a good day, the immediate family was all here, cooked 2 14lb birds, and ate about 1 and a half…….

    7 people were well stuffed!

  10. Arnie says:

    Just want you all to know I am thankful for this website and all who comment here!

    Blessings to all!

    – Arnie