Monday News Links

Trying to do a little more blogging over the weekend to make up for being busy during the week. We will be taking a break from the blog somewhat during the holiday weekend, but given how dry the news cycle has been, you might not notice. Seems a collapse of the health care system is something people really want to pay attention to!

Vancouver bans doorknobs. No, seriously. But notice how the nanny staters have infiltrated even Popular Science? If your house has knobs, and you want levers, it’s an easy thing to negotiate at sale. It’s cheap. A few hundred bucks would do my whole house. But I hate levers because they get caught on things.

If you ignore the adrenaline dumps and the blood pressure spikes this is a very, very good book.” – Joe Huffman on “Emily Gets her Gun.” More here.

More on the Melissa Bachman controversy: Stupidity is a luxury.

Outgoing NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly blind to his gun control hypocrisy.

Bigotry on parade. I would be ashamed to have such low quality followers. Not that we don’t have intolerant ignoramuses on our side, but I’ve never agreed with running things in such a way as to attract them.

The gun control groups hit a new low when it comes to deception: when you can’t achieve, just lie about it.

Surprising strength in the GOP with female hispanic candidates.

Via Instapundit, a tale of an SR-71 pilot who survived his aircraft breaking up at 78,000 feet and Mach 3. Well worth reading. It was amazing they put that aircraft together with what was essentially 1950s technology.

Why opposition to gun control has increased. I think there’s more to it than that.

Canadians get fun toys we don’t because in some ways their import laws are less strict than ours.

7 Responses to “Monday News Links”

  1. Skullz says:

    Those of us with toddlers and intelligent dogs happen to like door knobs.

    They keep the ankle biters from surfing their faces down the basement stairs and from leaving the house and running into the street.

    They keep the K9 from raiding his food or leaving the house and running into the street.

    • Jake says:

      Cats, too. My previous cat knew exactly what a doorknob did and how to operate one. His lack of opposable thumbs is all that kept him from being able to turn them, but he never did stop trying.

      Heck, I had to install two “childproof” latches on each of the kitchen cabinets, because he figured out how to work them and kept getting into the trash.

      • Skullz says:

        The standard entry door to my deck has a standard door knob. The screen door has a lever. The dog lets himself out by actuating the lever when the entry door is left open. This is OK, as my back yard is fenced…. but the front door / garage?

  2. Rob says:

    Remember the other day when you posted about 23andMe and genetic testing?

    Yeah, about that…

  3. GunRacer says:

    The arrogance of the nanny-staters knows no bounds.

    Mandating– mandating— the type of doorknobs to be used in houses? Really? And PopSci is just all over that because hey, we little peons just don’t know what’s best for us.

  4. Canada: People from NY, NJ, and Connecticut can now move there and enjoy both better gun laws and lower taxes!