A Guilty Pleasure

I am actually a closet connoisseur of conspiracy theories and various forms of eccentricity. I don’t believe in them, but I’m fascinated by them and by those who do, especially those who believe enough to go to jail. This guy is a quality eccentric, right down to the manner of dress. The world would indeed be a duller place without people like this:

“I cannot ma’am,” Tertelgte continued. “I have to honor the founders ma’am. I honor the memory of those who fought and died that we can be free of this type of thing.”

Tertelgte was then ordered out of the court room and two officers asked him to stand up.

“If I stand up I give you recognition,” he said. “No, pick me up. I cannot give you recognition.”

Awesome. The linked article includes video.

UPDATE: Here’s more information on what he was speaking about in regards to the prosecuting attorney:

The American Bar is an offshoot from London Lawyers’ Guild & was established by people with invasive monopolistic goals in mind. In 1909 they incorporated this TRAITOROUS group in the state of Illinois & had the State Legislature (which was under the control of lawyers) pass an unconstitutional law that only members of this powerful union of lawyers, called the “ABA,” could practice law & hold all the key positions in law enforcement & the making of laws.

Attorneys also use the title “Esquire” which is, in the view of people who believe this, a title of nobility, and prohibited by the Constitution. You have to admit it has a certain logic to it. He did get up and scream about fringed flags in his arraignment, but declaring the Court to be administering British Ministerial Law is a new one I hadn’t heard of before.

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  1. I don’t admire them so much (despite a certain taste for eccentricity on my part) because what they do is use the inspiration that somehow grows out of insanity, to craft doctrines that utilize (say) ten percent raw bullshit to fashion a structure linking ninety percent valid but otherwise unconnected facts. However, they often can present it in such an elegant way that the less sophisticated but more gullible accept it as valid doctrine, and then use it to destroy their own lives or the lives of others. Possibly the largest current sample in the country are those who embrace “sovereign citizen” doctrine. A friend of mine who works in social welfare has provided many anecdotes over the years about how the people who believe in it (almost always the poorest and least educated among us) have wrecked their or their families’ lives, and/or been lured into real crime, while the purveyors make good livings peddling it, almost always stopping short of getting themselves into real trouble.

    And then we have the people, many in our own camp, who peddle “courses on the constitution.” I will stop right there.

    1. I forgot to add, there is a certain irony (of, more like consistency?) in that appearing in Glenn Beck’s outlet.

  2. Sometimes they are amusing, but usually the kooks ruin the fun by using their crazy ideas to justify being total assholes.

  3. This is old wackadoodle stuff. I used to hang out with the Austin, Texas local “L”ibertarians. Oddly most of them were part time IRS workers. The “L”eader had his name legally changed to Terry “L”iberty Parker. When “community TV” was instituted he spent a lot of time there with his CATV show with 10-20 viewers. His girlfriend, a “massage therapist/midwife” was the Texas “L”ibertarian candidate for Attorney General one year. And one of the “conspiracys” was that the U.S. was simply a “corporation” owned by the Queen of England. And “Justice of the Peace” courts, with their “fringed flags” were extensions of the British law. So if you were in a “JP” court with a fringed flag, you were under the laws of the British ADMIRALTY! Oh, and “Sheriffs” were really agents of the “Queen”, like the “Sheriff of Nott ingham”. Surprisingly, in the 90’s, “L”ibertarins consistently got on state wide ballots. My opinion was that “L”ibertarians could not successfully organize a 2 car funeral procession. There are more “coalitions” in the “L”ibertarian party than the Republican, dimorat, green, Constitution,yadayadayada partys COMBINED!

    1. Just for the sake of comparing notes, I was with the LP in PA for a bit more than a decade, from the mid-’80s to the mid-’90s. As county chairman, I and a few friends brought the county party to the point where one of the two daily newspapers actually endorsed one of our candidates, and was insisting we be included in “tripartisan” meetings, etc., with the major parties. The strategy for achieving that progress reduced to, sitting on our loons and not allowing them to run for office. (I’m available for consultation to the Republican Party, should they ever be interested.)

      To shorten the story, the state committee deposed our county committee for doing that, at about the same time thousands of wackadoodles were being lured to the state LP by a JBS-inspired radio talk show host who decided to use the party for shtick. By the mid-’90s I was outta there, and have never looked back.

      I have always blamed that talk show host for sabotaging the state party with his phony love, but it also is possible that was just a piece of the national phenomenon that befell the LP about then. Today I don’t think the word “libertarian” would be recognized as the same thing by someone who learned it back in the ’80s. I mean, they call Rand Paul a “libertarian,” for cripes sake.

  4. Definitely eccentric, and giving the rest of us constitutionalists a bad name, yet, I think he has some valid points

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