Personal Defense at a Price

Mike Bloomberg believes in guns for personal defense. Of course, he means hired guns that few can actually afford unless you’re one of the elite.

According to the NY Daily News, Bloomberg has offered his ~15 member security team who are all current NYC officers $100k salaries to retire from the force and keep working for him.

If you can’t afford $1.5 million+ every year in security detail expenses, well, then that’s just too bad.

3 thoughts on “Personal Defense at a Price”

  1. How bad has our political culture gotten that I was actually happy to see that he was trying to hire them away from the PD rather than lobbying to have the city continue to foot the bill for his private army. I wonder if he’s planning to offer Leopold McLean his job back when he gets out in 2020.

  2. Bloomi wants $1.5 MILLION per year salaried security? I wonder how much of that he will claim as a business expense on his 1040, or on the balance sheet of one of his businesses?

    I can’t afford a security detail, but I do need security personally while conducting my business.

    I am now going to discuss with my CPA the deductions I can claim in a similar manner for regular range training trips, ammo for same, CHL fees, and “consumable” security items like holsters, belts, magazines. Oh, and I wonder if I can also deduct a gun safe – I could use one!

    Sauce for the goose, and all that….

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