Favorite Friends of NRA Merchandise

This morning, Friends of NRA posted on their Facebook page that they wanted submissions from supporters to talk about their favorite Friends of NRA product and how they use it.


You have no idea how tempted I was to jest about the tobacco walking stick that Sebastian won a couple of years ago. I mean, it is a walking stick. No one knew what to think of it, and that’s why Sebastian won it since pretty much no one entered the raffle for it.

But then, I started thinking it could be more fun to come up with creative claimed uses for the branding iron set we won this year. I’m sure that I could make up some stories there that would have the poor staffer choking on their coffee. I can’t tell you how many people picked up the NRA branding iron at gun shows and pretended to brand their significant others, particularly on the backside.*

*For the record, our branding iron set has been used once – to brand a steak.

One thought on “Favorite Friends of NRA Merchandise”

  1. That’s so funny. Do it! It would be fun to see your story and photo printed. Maybe feature a table with a nice steak meal that shows a branded steak.

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