Celebrating with Friends

Congratulations are in order for two readers who won guns in our drawing for the 5-gun raffle we promoted here over the summer! Sebastian took video of the raffle drawing last night, and I believe he’s going to post it so that you can see how these events are a really awesome gathering of pro-gun folks. Even as so many at the dinner either didn’t get tickets to the raffle, or simply didn’t win, we did have one winner who was there, and the crowd absolutely cheered for him.

In all, we ended up giving away 25 guns in raffles, games, and auctions. There were only about 134 people there, so that’s quite a few guns for not a really huge crowd! Two people received fantastic hunts in South Africa for steals. We even gave away a brick of .22 for a door prize, which got quite the reaction from the crowd. Needless to say, everyone perked up for that drawing.

Sebastian has a habit of putting all of his tickets into the winning the cheesiest prize available. Last year, he became the proud winner of a tobacco stick walking stick. This year, we now have the branding irons. Yes, we can have pro-gun steaks and chicken breasts from now on. No more plain and anti-gun meat for us!

Reader Adam might be a little sad he was out of the country this week since the NRA waffle maker went for a pretty low price this year. It’s a good thing that I was busy doing paperwork for the silent auction while that was up, or we would probably be eating pro-gun waffles with our pro-gun chicken.

All-in-all, the preliminary numbers show that we raised about 3x what we did last year. That’s three times as much money for the shooting sports and training new shooters as we had last year. Trust me, it will be put to good use in promoting the Second Amendment and our shooting sports culture.

We appreciate everyone who supported the banquet and the raffle, and we really cannot thank you enough. I hope you know that the folks who run the programs that ultimately promote and defend our rights also appreciate your support as well.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating with Friends”

  1. I loved reading your post. That’s exactly how I feel as a volunteer at the Friends banquets too. Thank you so much for all of your time and commitment to make it a success. You should be very proud of the charitable grants that YOU are helping to fund. :)

  2. Even though I didn’t win a thing, I had a great time. Thanks for all your work on the Friends committee – and as a Scout troop leader and rifle instructor, thanks for all the support you give our programs.

  3. It seems you lost my phone number, as I received no call informing me I had WON BIG. I thought we agreed you were selling me winning tickets? Shafted again. See if I give you two anymore Bucks County fire updates. >:-[

    1. Same experience as chief jaybob :-( I really needed another .45

      I think I will now defect to handgun control or 100 moms or illegal mayors or something.

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