Increase Cost of Carry Permits

Luzerne County Councilman Rick Morelli wants to raise the concealed carry permit to $150 dollars in order to close a budget gap. This is why the law does not give counties the power to set the fee. If they actually go through with this, they need to be sued. You’ll also love this gem:

“Please note I very much support the second amendment where people have the right to keep and bear arms from impingement,” he wrote. “I also believe that we need tougher gun control laws. Since owning a fire arm (sic) is a privilege, I believe the people who want a permit will pay for it even at a higher rate.”

You support the Second Amendment, but owning a firearm os a privilege? It’s like they are parrots who just mimic the words and have no idea what they are saying. The really sad part is that, as best as I’ve been able to tell, Councilman Morelli’s views on the Second Amendment have the full support of our nation’s court system.

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  1. This happened because the County , and its citizens, the low info voters, got talked into voting for “home Rule Charter” form of Gov…We no longer get to vote for our Sheriff, or some other offices.
    The County now is run on the whim of its Council members, like a small borough.
    Council hires a Sheriff along with appoints, what were formerly voted for offices.
    Politics as usual in Luzerne Co.

  2. “It’s like they are parrots who just mimic the words and have no idea what they are saying. ”

    Analyze the speech of politicians and it becomes clear that a majority of them have sub normal IQs and a significant number appear to be developmentally disabled. IQ tests should be required of all candidates.

  3. I also question how he determines that penalizing carry by requiring expensive permits does not “impinge (encroach or trespass)” the right to keep or bear arms. Why doesn’t anyone ASK him that? Maybe he has a legitimate answer but I have no idea what it could be! We need to require that these politicians make sense. Groan!!!

    1. Need to have the question asked publically, open letter or such, by several folks. Optics matter, don’t just have “what part of ‘shall not be infringed…'” be emailed by angry white men of middle age and middle income.

      Get it asked by pensioners on fixed income, the young female college student working two jobs, young couple with two kids (preferably adorably diverse in appearance), older single mom, recently returned disabled vet starting life anew, etc, etc.

      The narrative on increased permit costs is that they are a severe infringement on a fundamental right, which won’t really resonate with most apathetic ignorant voters but needs to be repeated over and over again to plant the seed, and -also- that they are yet another case of “the man” (usually 1%-er type, elitist politicians (often white)) sticking it to honest, hardworking, law-abiding 99%-ers; who just want to protect themselves since the government can’t or won’t.

      It’s all about framing the narrative in your favor, before they can start arguing on the merits, make them overcome the “big meanie” appearance.

      1. Excellent points! The fixed income plaintiff is especially poignant! I also thought about asking him, “Why not just trim your spending a bit?”, but thought the better of it after the recent debacle in DC. Nobody will cut govt spending until the memory of the shutdown fades to black.

    1. I just sent him an email as well. We’ll see if he responds. Thanks, JBiros!

      – Arnie

      1. There is a thread over at PAFOA…someone did get a response, He is looking for ways to raise revenue….seems its a back door attempt at GC…pricing a LTCF out of the means of a lot of people to me.

  4. Here is the response I received from Mr. Morelli:


    Lets not make more on this then it is. My main concern is out budget and I am trying to find more revenue for our county. It is my opinion that the fee of $20 for 5 years is low and I suggested increasing this fee. If the state wants to change the law and have no fee, thats their decision. I’m also going to be looking for other fees and permits to increase as well.

    If you have any other ideas for us as to how to increase our revenue, I would love to hear your suggestions.

    Rick Morelli”

    I report, you decide. – Arnie

    1. I think he is getting lots of mail today, he must be popular…..LOL

      That is the same response I got almost word for word.

      BTW …if the State decided to charge no fee for this Right, just like the Right to vote, I’m all for it!

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