News Links for Wednesday

Looks like the government shutdown may be ending soon, leaving the press free to move on to other things which are the Republican’s fault. Hopefully this means some more gun news, which I’ve noticed is picking up a bit:

Revocation rates for Florida concealed handgun license holders remains very low. Our opponents strategy has been to play up the high profile stories, in hopes people don’t understand how rare is really is.

Pennsylvania is becoming a landing place for businesses and gun owners fleeing the horrible gun control laws in bordering states. I just hope everyone who comes realizes we have a fight on our hands here too. First up is keeping Tom Corbett in office.

Paul Ryan is getting a challenger who is appears will focus on the gun issue.

The stakes grow in the new recall effort in Colorado. Jim Geraghty notes: “Hudak seems like a natural target, as she won just 51 percent of the vote in 2008 and won last year, 46.9 percent to 46.4 percent.”

Protesting NRA headquarters. This reminded me it had been a while since I made a donation.

NY State police release a SAFE act guide for enforcement. The police won’t be able to inspect magazines for 7 round compliance without probable cause a crime has been committed. Do traffic crimes count? What if the gun is taken during a terry stop?

New Jersey’s smart gun law may end up triggered. You’d have to wear their crappy watch. The fact that LEOs are exempt is the clue it’s all a fraud. But with this development, the guns in New Jersey will at least be smarter than the politicians.

The raid was a success you see… the found some pot in the guy’s kid’s room.

A win in court for part time residents of NY. The whole opinion can be found here.

California proof of the slippery slope.

Guns Save Lives day moved to December 15, rather than on the anniversary of the Newtown massacre.

Mayor Rahm grasping at straws trying to appear to get tough on guns. Some say opposition to crap like this means we don’t want to put criminals in with guns in jail. More like we don’t want to make ordinarily law-abiding people into criminals because they violated some arcane, bureaucratic law.

6 thoughts on “News Links for Wednesday”

    1. Maybe because that would be as big a waste of time as them protesting at the NRA. I wouldn’t have known about their protest if it hadn’t been reported here.

      Out stupiding stupid does not make for good tactics.

    2. I’d also add that I’m pretty sure most of those groups are in offices occupied by other tenants. So protesting would likely be even less effective.

  1. I’d say that it’s more important in PA to keep the house and senate. It’s not like the governor can make sweeping changes without the legislature.

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