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Even being out for the count most of yesterday, there wasn’t a whole lot of gun news out there anyway. But there has been some.

The laws, they are for the little people.

Apparently if you work to un-elect your elected representative, and that representative happens to be a woman, it’s war on women!

How much energy does your bullet need to bring down big game?

Which long gun for home defense?

When will gun control proponents learn that demonizing gun raffles only make them more successful?

Washington Council of Governments takes up the gun issue, and drops most of it. As best I can tell, the Council of Governments is kind of like a United Nations for Washington Metro Area Counties. I had never heard of it.


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  1. Washington Council of Governments . . .Council of Governments. . .

    It’s been close to thirty years since I’ve really been into the issue, but one of the many issues I’ve passed through in my life is “Metro Government,” aka “Regionalism.” Briefly and from memory, they very characteristically are undemocratic (e.g., no or few elected members; most or all appointed) and are derived from the Fabian Socialist notion of “rule by experts.”

    It is a subject worth looking into, albeit with care. Critical opinions of it range from, that it is a bad, undemocratic idea, to, that it is part of the Great Conspiracy for World Government; so you have to analyze all assertions carefully for who and where they’re coming from.

  2. Oh, you should check out your local “council of governments” or COG. EVERY county in the U.S. is in one. They are the bureaucrats bureaucracy. They dispense lots of “grant” money. And they have all kinds of boards, commissions, “studys”, etc., to find the “best” way to give away your money.

  3. When will gun control proponents learn that demonizing gun raffles only make them more successful?

    Never, hopefully?

  4. ‘War on Women’ because you oppose them? Seen it enough. Being the only conservative still alive in the family (my entire family on both sides are Chicago socialists raised by Chicago lawyers) you get near daily experience on how deluded and pointless it is to argue with them.

    My own mom thinks that literally the only reason Republicans oppose Obama is because they are all racist; literally every single one hates black people. And every single solitary Republican woman not only hates blacks but hate women because they are old themselves. And that literally every black Republican is either an Uncle Tom or like Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks. And she pulls this literally every time we get into a poltical argument to shut me down because I don’t have a way to counter here since it’s so idiotic. But than again her favorite ‘newscasters’ are al sharpton and chris Matthews and she watches MSNBC like a religious fanatic so claiming racism where it doesn’t exist is par for the course.

  5. Caught this at the tail of the AR-15 raffle story:

    Party spokesman Michael Napolitano said in hindsight Republicans might have been better off choosing a different gun.

    It appears the learnin’ should not be restricted to just one side.

    1. I just saw that, too. I’m not sure how hindsight of having a sold-out raffle and making $20,000 points to this being the wrong decision. I think it points to it being a great decision!

      1. You and me both.

        The fact is political correctness counts for an amazing amount of “progress’ in this world.

        Let’s go ahead and say it: Josh Sugarman had a monetary genius event when he coined the “Assault Weapon” term. I doubt he even knew at the time what he had done.

        Here in MD the GOP is going all 2A. In O’Malley’s “Progressive Wonderland”, no less. We got Dems who are openly going to go after gun control Dems. Portents of things to come?

        I hope.

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