Quote of the Day

From Charles W. Cooke of National Review, in response to faux conservative David Frum being the first out of the gate with politicizing the Navy Yard shooting:

I understand that David Frum considers this to be amusing. But I do not. In fact, his suggestion should be taken literally. Treating “all gun owners . . . as responsible and law-abiding until they personally have hurt themselves or somebody else” is precisely how one should treat free people in a free country.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat is one of the cornerstones of common law, Mr. Frum, you dolt.

  2. Someone needs to ask Demon Frum the following question: “Throughout the Bush years you tried to sell Republicans on your hawkish policies. During that time you never once mentioned that you were anti-gun. In fact, you wrote a column on Heller that gave no indication that you objected to gun ownership at all. So are you a dishonest creep who was anti-gun but never saw fit to mention it to your conservative rubes, to whom you were too cowardly to reveal yourself? Or are you a vindictive creep who wants to get revenge on blue-collar conservatives for not raising your cowardly ass up as the new messiah, and who really doesn’t care about this issue at all?”

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