A Nearly Fatal Failure in the Victim Selection Process

Don’t bring a taser to a gunfight. I’d also direct your attention to the 911 call at the bottom, as a good example of reacting well under stress. In a 911 call, you should tell them you need a police officer and ambulance, because someone has been shot. They will ask you if you’re the shooter. Just tell them to get help on the scene quickly. This guy did that. Your next call needs to be to your attorney.

Looks like the kid is going to be OK. Hopefully this turns into a valuable lesson for him.

3 thoughts on “A Nearly Fatal Failure in the Victim Selection Process”

  1. The kid isn’t completely stupid. He knew that he was supposed to write an apology letter to his victim. Even if it isn’t sincere, at least he shows enough intelligence to know what to do to reduce severity of punishment. He might even learn from this that random attacks on strangers, just for the fun of it, are foolish. He might even (and this is optimism on my part), have learned that it is WRONG because getting shot in the buttocks probably hurts a lot.

    1. It’s a real pain in the ass!
      (pun intended!)

      The phrase “he done shot yo ass” took on new meaning to that kid!
      Hopefully he does learn something, but I kinda doubt it…..

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