How to Make a Small Crowd Look Big

Line up single file. The theme for OFA was “Hands Across Pennsylvania.” I live on a postage stamp, and I’m not sure this would even make it across my yard. This makes me think of the quote from Star Wars, “These tracks are side by side. Sand people always walk single file to hide their numbers.” A similar scene could also be seen outside of Jim Gerlach’s district.

6 thoughts on “How to Make a Small Crowd Look Big”

  1. Tight crowd shots from telephoto lenses work too….I can always tell they didn’t have many people when all they have are closeups.

  2. Since it was an OFA event, this was stellar turnout. There must have been serious celebration afterwards at having people at an event!

    1. can’t you read? the article starts off, “About 50 people* rallied outside U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent’s office…” You must be one of those uneducated crazy gun nuts. Jeesh!

      *When rounded up to the nearest 50

  3. Another trick: block off the protest area with rope or with chairs that say “Reserved” and then not allow anyone to sit in them – not even handicapped old ladies. They did this at the MD Statehouse when the Governor tried to counter our attendance.

    We shut the buildings because we exceeded maximum capacity (that has never happened before). They had to bus in about 150 people for a total attendance of about 200, and many of them were state employees who were hiding their IDs.

  4. Fortunately, the pols are way ahead of us in being onto this stuff. Actually, sometimes the pols use it themselves.

    Not that it’s relevant, but I’m reminded that some cousins of mine participated in something like that photo at one time. Except, their single file of people holding hands spanned three republics of the Soviet Union, not too long before it fell.

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