Keeping the Issue Alive

The Washington Post is pretty clearly trying to keep the background check issue alive for the benefit of gun control advocates, as we head into Congress’ summer recess. It’s not just the Washington Post either.

The media is also pretty clearly already prepping the ground to downplay the Colorado recalls, so it becomes a heads we win, tails you lose issue; they come out on top no matter how it goes. That’s why it’s important to follow up with more victories in 2014. The recalls are at best a message. They are right about that. The if we’re going to be rid of these new laws, the legislature will have to change hands.

6 thoughts on “Keeping the Issue Alive”

  1. Sigh. It sucks having the media against. It sucks having to constantly battle for our rights. But we mustn’t give up. Or we will lose.

  2. I know you like to keep up with astro-turf groups. The Washington Post article was done by Third Way. Third Way is what the Americans for Gun Safety was folded into when no one believed they were pro-gun anymore. The people that were in charge of AGS are in charge of TW. – redirects to Third Way.

  3. I have not seen any info on the new owner of the post and what their stand on politics will be but since the post was going down the tubes financially maybe a turn from the constant liberal clap-trap might be in order. Since it was a fire sale those dying giants of a once monopoly on information infiltrated by socialists through yrs & yrs of work was all for not, the Internet destroyed their dream of total control, on info at least .

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