Update on Illinois Ordinance Fights

We’re winning more than we’re losing, which is good. When we show up, we win. And even where we lost, we didn’t lose as badly as one might fear. Perhaps we’ll get to see how the convictions of the town councils that defied us stand up under a federal lawsuit.

4 Responses to “Update on Illinois Ordinance Fights”

  1. Ronnie says:

    Totally off topic, but this is the latest feel-good/pro-gun story I just read, and it happened in Beaver County, PA:

    Ambridge store clerk with gun thwarts attempted robbery

  2. Carl from Chicago says:

    I still hold that local/municipal gun bans in the post-incorporation era are completely ludicrous. They shall only serve to dirty the legal waters, and I am afraid that is in part what’s motivating the purveyors of these bans.

  3. Matt R. says:

    I agree with Carl from Chicago. Isn’t this kind of the same thing as Jim Crow laws, where a lower government makes laws to get around following the laws of the state? Of course, the Illinois legislature wanted it this way, because that’s why they wrote it like that….

    –Matt R.

  4. Patrick says:

    Town councils can and do frequently change in short periods of time. Most races are fought for a few thousand dollars – less than what most state groups spend on advertising in the general sessions each year.And the candidates typically have a litany of problems that nobody even knows about because it’s small-time stuff.

    Just saying. Some things are easier than a lawsuit.