Quinn’s Veto Overridden

Earlier today, the house voted 77-31 to override, and just now the Senate voted 41-17 to override. The concealed carry bill is now the law-of-the-land in Illinois. While the bill is far from perfect, and far from what we’d like to see, it is a start. In most states where the initial bill has been a bit of a disappointment, we’ve been able to come back later and improve the situation once politicians realize the sky has not fallen. Also not out of the question is litigating on some of the aspects of this bills we’re not happy with. At this point, the 7th Circuit is probably the strongest circuit in the country when it comes to Second Amendment law.

UPDATE: Howard Nemerov has more over at PJ Media.

7 thoughts on “Quinn’s Veto Overridden”

  1. And the Overton Window notches further to our side on Carry.

    25 years ago No and May issue were the norm with a fringe of shall issue and a lone Constitutional carry state.

    Now it’s between Constitutional Carry, Shall Issue, and May Issue. And with Wi and Il going straight to Shall Issue it shows that May Issue is a “grandfathered” law.

    One thing is to look at the remaining May Issue states and see if any aren’t too far gone that they can’t be flipped. That would further isolate the remainder.

    1. If they haven’t flipped by now, they aren’t going to. What we need is for the courts to take on may-issue and declare it invalid.

      1. That is more likely now that every state can say “Yes a common citizen *could* carry.” Even if in some states that is a pure theoretical.

        So the next question is. “If you allow some Jane Q Public to carry, why not others?”

        One of the problems with fighting May Issue is that many people refuse to beleive it exists or that it could be abused. (I’ve heard repeatedly people who are suspicous and distrustful of the police think that May Issue laws wouldn’t ever be abused, or that the police simply don’t have the power to pick who can and can’t parry, or that people aren’t actually denied permits in San Fran, Boston, NYC, ect).

        And that’s not counting those that support such a regime.

        1. Don’t forget that some shall issue states having problems with issuing- like Philly here. We need to tighten that up too.

  2. I hate Quinn. He was just a compromise person to offset Blago, has no business being where he is. Some days I hate living in this state, but at least this got overridden.

  3. HA!

    Good show, Illinois.

    And good show by the Republican appointees on the Seventh Circuit (because the Dem appointees on that court did everything they could to try to prevent this outcome, and almost succeeded).

    Elections matter.

  4. Perhaps the ruling legislators in Illinois wish to rejoin the United States of America. If so, welcome!

    However, the Quinns can go pound sand, afaic.

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