Taking the AP To Task

Howard Nemerov has an interesting article on Newsbusters over the reported increase in traces of AK-47s.  I would also add that there are more firearms that are not AK type rifles that use the 7.62x39mm Soviet round, including the SKS, and a few sporting guns.  So if they are using data based on caliber, they may or may not be AK-47s.

Howard will be on Cam & Company tonight at 10:40 to discuss his article.

One thought on “Taking the AP To Task”

  1. As we know, a trace doesn’t indicate criminal activity. I recall someone asking whether any gun brought in by police is traced even it wasn’t in a crime. The answer is “Yes”. So trace data is not an indicator of higher prevalence of crime with AK pattern rifles. And since the firearm trace report clearly makes the point that traces are not random samples, they cannot be used for statistical purposes.

    More commons rifles equals more traces of that rifle. I’m sure 10/22s and various .22 caliber pistols are among the most highly traced guns out there. Along with Glock 9mm and shotguns.

    I hope someone raises that point with these media folks. Ignorance must be bliss.

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