One Key Difference Between Our Side and Theirs

Miguel goes through Bloomberg’s list of victims from the Miami area and finds a list of doozies, including one police shooting. This illustrates a key difference between those who support gun control and those who do not. Generally speaking, gun control advocates rarely accept the notion that there are some people out there who need shooting. Pull a knife on a cop? The results are predictable, and that the police officer was able to defend himself successfully is what most of us would regard as a good thing. To the other side? Mr. Knife Puller is just another tragic victim of gun violence. All lives are precious. When you boil all the other BS away, this is one of the core philosophical differences.

11 thoughts on “One Key Difference Between Our Side and Theirs”

  1. Do they really believe “all lives are precious”, or are they just trying to game the numbers in their favor to advance their agenda? To me, the major difference is one of intelliectual honesty rather than philosophy (although there’s obviously pholosophical differences as well).

    1. I’m sure they understand that there are differences, but they need to pad the numbers. If their cause was just, they wouldn’t need to lie.

    2. As many that whine about “all lives being precious” are the same ones backing abortion on demand it really sounds like bull.

  2. What a poignant reflection on the similarities between the anti-gun and the anti-abortion movements…..

    1. Huh? Perhaps you meant to say “what a poignant reflection on the differences between the anti-gun and the anti-abortion movements…”

      The anti-abortion movement does not claim that “all lives are precious.” It claims that all INNOCENT lives are precious.

      1. No – same impulse to control people, to use the power of the state to impose one’s beliefs on others.

  3. I did the same for NH on my blog last week. There are 6 names from NH that were read by the gang at Concord a week before that, as “dead, victims of gun violence.” They included:

    – 2 violent felons shot by cops — one of whom recovered from the shooting but remains crazy. The other held up a bank with an illegally owned gun (as a felon, he was under permanent 2nd Amendment disability)
    – 1 violent felon whose ticket was punched by a citizen, mid-home-invasion. Ditto on illegal gun (the citizen’s was legally owned and used).
    – 1 suicide by a teen, with a cop’s firearm
    – 1 accidental death playing with an illegally owned gun at a party, under the influence of booze and drugs. The gun remains at large!
    – 1 actual murder victim, although motive and doers are not entirely clear. Possibly he had a bar fight with gang members who followed and killed him.

    I suspect if everybody does this with their home state (if it’s a small one like mine), city (if it’s a big one like Miguel’s) or neighborhood (if they’re in Chicongo where the body count beats Iraq these days), they’d find that Der Bloomführer’s victim list is heavily larded with folks like the above, who just flat need killin’.

    I don’t see how we can have a dialogue with people who are wringing their hands of justified homicides of armed violent felons. That position’s as wrong as… wait, I need a new simile, “two boys kissin'” is now mainstream. It’s wronger than that, anyway.

  4. A rape only lasts a few minutes, a homicide lasts forever.

    That is how they think. They truly would prefer to see someone mugged, raped, or assaulted than to see someone’s child killed.

  5. Generally speaking, we’re the ones who see life as precious — they’re the “you need to break a few eggs” crowd.

    What this really comes down to, just like everything else in fascism, is aesthetics. They don’t want to see [what they imagine to be] a bunch of greasy rednecks walking around with guns and swilling fast food while watching NASCAR races in their backyard down in th’ holler. Or at least that is fundamentally how gun control is marketed to its supporters. The rest is just process to reach the goal of getting rid of who they think is bringing them down.

  6. The gun control fanatics really do see all deaths as equivalent. I had a conversation with the managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle some years ago, and he was insistent that the death of an armed robber and the robber’s victim were morally equivalent.

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