Thursday News Links

With the news cycle having gone totally, fabulously, gay with the demise of DOMA, we’re a bit short on stories about Second Amendment topics. But I’ll give it a good college try:

Gun sales are booming in California, which is considering numerous pieces of anti-gun legislation. The war against semi-automatic long guns are the new ban handgun movement, probably because the Courts have had little to say about it.

The antis respond to the SAFE lawsuit.

Another Mayor quits Bloomberg’s coalition. More here.

Mayor Rahm is proposing a new Assault Weapons Ban for Chicago.

Bloomberg’s credibility suffers an enormous blow.

Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords tour to revive gun control.

Dueling rallies was the theme at the Georgia State Capitol. I dig the dude in a seersucker with the AR.

Slate is rethinking gun control.

Top NH cop going after Bloomberg. But I thought cops were on their side?

The P-90-like shotgun that never was.

The junk science of gun research.

8 Responses to “Thursday News Links”

  1. Drifter says:

    I actually laughed at the “Bloomberg’s credibility suffers an enormous blow” line. I’m willing to bet that MAYBE a half-dozen people might have been surprised by this. The majority of the country isn’t paying attention, the 50-some people at CSGV, Brady, et al. have never before seen a problem using criminals to pad their numbers, the media won’t scrutinize what the antis put in front of them, and the gun-rights folks know that this behavior is de rigueur for all of the above. I think that about covers everybody.

  2. KevinC says:

    I love the comment at the bottom of the Slate article. After listing the reasons why pretty much everything we’ve been told about gun control and assault weapons is a load of hooey, they say, “These conclusions don’t line up perfectly with either side’s agenda.”

    Except, of course, it pretty much devastates everything they say and vindicates us.

    it’s so cute how they cling to the illusion that they’re winning.

  3. TS says:

    “The legislation at the state level is not going to make guns that are currently available any less available to any significant degree,” Dickinson said. “People who are qualified, competent and eligible to buy guns today are still going to be able to buy them should any of the legislation become law.”

    Wow. How can he say this when they are banning the rest of the semi-auto rifles? I’m sure what he is thinking is “there will still be some type of gun left to buy after we’re done with this round.”

  4. TerriLiGunn says:

    It was a fun rally for our side, and the guy with the AR and white suit is only 19. He and some others including myself ate lunch after the rally.

  5. Dannytheman says:

    Sales are up because I moved here.

    Surprised you didn’t make the connection.

  6. Laura says:

    I wacky-parsed that headline as “Thursday News Leaks” for some reason.

  7. Bryan S. says:

    Its probably bad form to tell Giffords that we need more gun control like we need another hole in our heads.