True Liberals in Houston

I’ve heard it said that real liberals would be concerned that the poor cannot afford to exercise their enumerated, fundamental right to keep and bear arms, and this a true liberal would support programs to help the poor afford firearms. Somehow I doubt very many will support this, however, given their penchant for making this particular right as expensive and time consuming to exercise as possible. I think it’s a great idea, personally.

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3 thoughts on “True Liberals in Houston”

  1. The modern liberal would also object that this program doesn’t use the force of government to redistribute. Charity? Where’s the political gain in charity?

  2. In some of our internal debates in the RKBA movement in Pennsylvania in years past, a bit of rhetoric that I used to use (and mean) was that I was much more concerned with the right and ability of an inner-city single mom, to drop a .25 Raven in her handbag when she had to go to the corner bodega some night when the natives were restless, to get milk for her baby, than with the right of handgun competitors to travel interstate unencumbered with several thousand dollars worth of custom combat handguns. Thus I was more interested in removing the prior restraint of requiring concealed carry permits, than in facilitating permit reciprocity — if a choice needed to be made.

    While I knew the ideal answer was to have both, my preference for the rights of the non-hobbyist, non-aficionado were regarded by many as embarrassingly “liberal.”

    Hats off to those folks in Houston!

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